The electronic gaming industry has been a large industry for a long time now, and is ever growing. It’s never been bigger than it is now in 2020, with professionals winning hundreds of thousands of dollars for winning in their respective leagues, and many fans around the world simply tuning in and watching them. You don’t even have to be an active player of mobile eSports games 2020 to enjoy them, you know. Worldwide, people are betting on and watching the live streams of these leagues as they would with traditional sport.

The fact of the matter is that there’s no question as to why! These virtual streams are full of as much excitement and as many nail bitingly intense moments as any live stream of your favourite traditional sport. It just opens a whole new world of entertainment for people to enjoy.

However popular it’s becoming, amongst none gamers, this is a fairly niche interest – which is why watching these streams isn’t always as easy as turning the TV on and tuning into the football, for example, and we’re going to help you to overcome that obstacle here today.

Keep on reading to find out and discover the different ways that you can watch and enjoy new eSports games 2020. Who knows, you might even place a bet!


Watch eSport Games 2020 Online

The first, and potentially the most popular method of accessing and enjoying the streaming of new eSport games 2020, is by doing so online.

There are a wide range of streaming services that you can access from your laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet – just about any device which has the internet. This is without doubt one of the easiest and most convenient ways of accessing the streaming of eSports leagues.

All you need in order to do this is an internet device, a Wi – Fi connection, and an app or browser. You can quite literally watch eSport matches anywhere, from the comfort of your sofa to in secret at your work desk. 

There are gaming pages on YouTube, as well as on apps such as Twitch and Mixer – all of which correspond with both iPhone and Android. Not all of these streams will be related to eSports – it will be a mixed bag – but as long as you search effectively, you’ll find the best, most recent and upcoming eSport games to view.


Watch eSports Games 2020 in Person

Okay, so this might sound a little odd saying as we’re talking about virtual sporting competitions rather than “in person” alternatives, but it is possible to watch eSports in person.

These events only take place in certain parts of the world, the two most well – known of these being community run events, called the East Coast Throwdown and the Evolution Championship Series. There are even some big traditional sporting stadiums – such as Madison Square Garden in New York that host eSports watching events.

Like you would with watching any kind of traditional sporting event, you will have to pay for your ticket, but what you’re really paying for is the experience. Being surrounded by hundreds of other fans cheering on your favourite teams / players is definitely a little more special than sitting at home watching on your phone and doing it alone, isn’t it?


Watch eSports Games 2020 on TV 

So this is a fairly new occurrence, but it is possible to watch mobile eSports games 2020 on television nowadays, mostly on American and Asian channels.

It only really became big in the US after the channel ESPN – who is owned by Disney – started to partner with an Evolution Championship Series, in which it aired the Street Fighter V grand finale. This was also aired on Disney XD after its’ success.

So although it may be a little harder to access, depending on where you live, it is possible to watch eSport games 2020 on television.


And that’s about it! We know, they’re the three most generic ways of watching traditional sport too, but so many people see the “e” in “eSports”, and immediately assume the only way to watch it is through gaming themselves, or being members of a particular streaming service.

Although you can see that these are options, you can also see that the watching of eSports is becoming more of a universal interest, and therefore watching it in different formats is consistently becoming more accessible for fans worldwide. No matter where you are in the globe, you should be able to get your eSports fix somewhere.

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