The Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model is the distinct way of hiring professional talent offshore. This popular business model is being used for managing remote IT services from all across the globe,  increase the productivity levels, reduce the company’s operating expenses’ cost, business dexterity and fortify the process of development.

 Advantages Of ODC Model

Outsourcing has several advantages whether you are hiring a complete department or just a single professional to help companies with their business deals. Offshore outsourcing provides the pliability to augment the understanding and get insights on the working of IT companies in different countries other than UK or US. Besides, those who are not having the experience in development process management or team management and are only with a plan can get supported by the management experts of those projects. This will extend the changes to complete the product.

 Technical Solutions and Expertise

Hiring graduates having a strong background in science and mathematics can help the IT companies in increasing their implementation needs and offer the below E2E solutions for the ODC model:

  • Committed Team with Professional Designers and Developers
  • Tailor-made Software Development (Website and Mobile Apps)
  • Remote Infrastructure and Hosting Service
  • App Testing Services
  • Product Engineering
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Migration and Backup
  • Cloud Computing
  • HR and Admin Support
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Support

These are the major solutions provided by an ODC model. The highly specialized and talented IT professionals there will create tailor-made software for the targeted audience and ensure a better ROI.

 Reliability and Efficiency

 To obtain a place in the highly competitive market, offshore companies need to be reliable, efficient and lean in all their working. Outsourcing a software project to the offshore companies guarantees the ability to use optimized processes all smoothly organized for excessive possible software product development in the minimum possible time.

 Looking for an efficient and reliable ODC is not easy. It needs enough efforts and time to find the best fit for the company. One can do an online research, find linked articles, check their service, etc. A client can look for the independent reviews and objective. They can also seek out testimonials from previous clients and approach them for getting a better understanding.

 Established Infrastructure

 It includes enormous amount of investment for a startup to arrange a full-fledged IT department able to develop, design, test and execute crucial software systems and apps. But a functional Offshore Development Center will have all the infrastructure required for such projects that are already established and optimized for providing the best outcomes. This saves the companies from putting money into expensive equipment and hardware which is not even related to the crucial operations of business and its staff’s key capabilities.

Taking software development into consideration, the term infrastructure moves significantly further than just the physical and hardware equipment.

 Support and On Time Delivery

 Whenever an app development project is outsourced to an offshore development provider, startups must request understandable timelines from the designing stage to implementation after testing. As it’s already been defined, this is improbable to be a problem as Offshore Development Centers specialize in creating projects under fully optimized environment and following smooth procedures to make sure everything is verified and completed in time.

 In case the project is an association between the ODC and the IT team of the startup, then everything can be arranged in such a way that there’s always somebody working on the project continuously. This will bring on the shorter timeframes all the way through the lifecycle of the project.


 If a tech startup is serious about standing apart in the market, it will find an option of outsourcing its key development process to an ODC attractive. As explained above, an ODC model works dedicatedly as a remote IT department with offshore developers for a startup firm. They will assess the business needs, help recognize and explain the problems the startup needs to solve before developing tools that are tailored to provide the best solution. Particularly, associating with a professional ODC will assist the startup to establish itself and be ambitious for the future endeavors.

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