The photographic memory first starts at infancy as the eidetic memory. It is what you were born with – completely natural. Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting – it is what makes you human. You have an eidetic memory you are born with. You never lose it. Eidetic memory is the same thing as photographic memory.

Your photographic memory is the holy grail of your brain development. This one thing, your photographic memory, amplifies everything you do in life; easier, faster, better. Most people who carry it forward into adult life tend to hide it, because others ask them to prove they have it.

The process of learning how to read traditionally is 180 degrees away from how your photographic memory works. A 5 year old child using their eidetic memory is a genius, until they enter traditional schooling.

How can you reactivate and recapture photographic memory? There are few people, rebels in the school system who carry it forward and do not have to study to get straight A’s. Most people have gotten away from it – probably 95 percent of the people. I teach Mental Photography which takes in large volumes of information, gaining at a rapid speed of 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more words per minute. That’s 100 to 200 times the average reading speed.

When you read, you actually retain only 5 percent of information. Mentally Photography – you retain 100 percent of the information in your long term memory, with the ability to recall it back.
Using the photographic memory, you gain knowledge and wisdom along with the information. You gain all those things all at the same time. Mental Photography is Applied Quantum physics. You are using frequency of the information.

The umbrella organization is Brain Management. The magical key with all of our training is Mental Photography, which you can gain through ZOX Pro. By using photographic memory you gain decision making which is paramount everything you do. If you do not have a good memory you will make poor decisions. Your ability to take in a huge amount of Great info Gives you superior info to create very good decisions. Using photographic memory is the key to success in life.

In ZOX Pro Training, everything works together in a synergic system. Each individual exercise has a set value. All of the exercises, together along with Mental Photography, compound themselves to get results. You are going to get results quicker and easier, and more eventful insights to gain from your lessons.

The eye chart is one of our exercises – rather innocuous and boring. It expands your peripheral vision to 230 degrees (without glasses) to 180 degrees with glasses. You get tunnel vision looking at a computer or TV. Start experiencing the world around you. Get away from watching TV, and expand your peripheral vision. This has a boomerang effect on your mental system. This kinesthetic event expands your perception 7 to 10 times. Perception of the world around you will change. It is time to see the truth. People have the wool pulled over their eyes. You can control this.

Martial artists take many steps to open peripheral vision because not only do they physically gain perception around them they expand peripheral vision 360 degrees to complete awareness. This is especially important to firemen, police, military, and other emergency workers. They need to learn this.

When it comes to awareness and perception… This also leads to your ability to nullify subliminal messages which come to us thousands of times per day as subliminal advertising; again, using ZOX Pro will give you the ability to detect the truth – a truth detector. You can eliminate subliminal coercion and begin to see the real world that has always been there. You become an independent thinker.

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Dr Panzo is the Genuine Successor, and the only personally authorized teacher to carry on the work, of Master Richard Welch, PhD, the “Father of Mental Photography”
Dr Shannon Panzo is an expert of Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and the practical functions and applications of the brain, and how to make your brain work better for you to achieve a better life. More of a Mentor than a Coach, for over 30 years he has taught people how to access the higher uses of their mind, and endeavours to help people to gain and maintain their lives in a positive way