When you own a craft business, you know how important it is to attract customers from your area. Once you have conquered the local market, it is a lot easier to make your business well-known to a larger scale.

A great way of improving your craft business is by using a proper SEO strategy, tailored to your company’s needs. This article is presenting several important things about local SEO for small business owners, which may contribute to your success by increasing your visibility in your local search result.

• Pay Attention to Your Title Tags
One of the things that matter the most for a potential client is the title tag you use. Make sure you use the proper tags for your craft products – these should be descriptive, but not too long. You can also use acronyms, numbers, as well as other things that will make your title tags easier to spot.

• Use Plenty of Images
In order to sell your crafts, images are crucial. Not only that your potential customers will be provided with concrete information about your products, which will help them in making a decision, but search engines, such as Google, are also keen on them. Using images is definitely going to increase your page ranking and will also lead to happy clients.

• Create a Blog
A very efficient way to help your craft business gain local popularity is by creating a blog. Here, you can post local news, events, a few DIY tutorials, information about workshops, special sales, and so on. Even though you will not post daily, you need to post regularly.

Posting 2 times a month is enough for transforming this blog into a successful SEO strategy, which will upgrade your page rank and will attract more local customers.

• Take Advantage of Social Media
Social media is part of everyday life, and every person uses at least one such platform. As a craft business owner, you should perceive social media as an ally, not an enemy. By having profiles on many platforms, you will considerably increase your visibility in the local search result. Not to mention that many local people may find out about your crafts without even searching anything on Google. They may just see your products or company’s profile by chance while being on social media.

Another important aspect when it comes to social media and local SEO is to have easy-to-use sharing buttons on your website so that anyone who likes your products can share them. This way, you will benefit from the advantages offered by an ad, but without paying a cent.

• Make Your NAP Visible
NAP comes from name, address and phone number, and it is essential for promoting your crafting business in the local market. In order to have a better page ranking, you should check if your NAP is error free and if it has the same form every time it appears on your website.

Also, make sure that NAP appears on your main page, in an appropriate place that is visible without scrolling.

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This article is written by: Stephanie F