As far as magnetic ankle bracelets are concerned Pure Copper Anklets are your best choice for sure. Are you experiencing pain in certain areas of your body such as ankles, calves, and feet? In that case you would be better served by using an anklet that happens to be magnetic by nature. It is true that anklets are all the rage right now. However, they have been in use for quite a long period of time now. It was believed once upon a time that magnets are capable of causing a system of ionic balances and checks in the human body.

This led to better condition of blood flow and oxygen to your nearby tissues and cells. This is the reason why when you place magnets close to your problematic areas you can expect the pain to be alleviated somewhat. You can also expect issues with your joints to be addressed to a certain extent.

How effective is it?

With any and every magnetic jewelry the basic idea is to apply a magnetic field to an area in your body that has been injured. This is done so that a usual electromagnetic environment could be maintained in that particular area. Your body has ions, which are also referred to as electro-chemicals. If you want the best possible health for yourself it is very important to have the correct exchange and transfer of these. It is said that magnets have a number of beneficial effects on your health. They are capable of relaxing your muscles, capillary walls, and tissues. This in turn helps greater amounts of blood and oxygen to flow to various parts of your body.

It is said that magnetic field application is fairly effective in case of health issues such as inflammation and pain.

What kind of effect do they have?

As far as the dealers and makers of these products are concerned different people would respond in various ways to such jewelry. In these cases the response is dependent on how strong the magnets are, how intense the physical problem in question is, and the time period for which the magnetic anklet is being worn. In some cases it has been seen that patients have experienced relief from inflammation and pain within a few days. In other cases it has been seen to take a few weeks and even months. At the same time it also needs to be noted that there is no scientific or medical evidence to suggest that these products can heal you.


This is the reason why you should never use them in lieu of any medical treatment that you may be undergoing for a particular problem as such. At the same time it also needs to be noted that a number of countries such as Germany, Japan, and Israel have now started to lend their support to magnetic therapy by way of various benefits such as reimbursement. They are also not known to have any side effects as such. These products are available in designated jewelry stores and shops.

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