It’s dream of everyone to perform Hajj in a perfect way. The Muslims visit the sacred places of Makkah and Madinah every year with great spirit. Everyone has desired to perform healthy Hajj or error-free rituals of Hajj. Therefore, they find guidelines how to perform healthy Hajj. For healthy Hajj, pilgrims need to check out various things such as diet plan, medical tips, and rules and regulations of Hajj.

The good health and economically strong person must be performed Hajj because Allah doesn’t give this opportunity. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and Allah gives the double reward who perform Hajj with true and pure intention. During Hajj we must avoid from sinful activities such as backbiting, sexual acts, irritating other pilgrims etc. The tips of healthy Hajj are given below,

Healthy Hajj Tips

Muslims want to know healthy Hajj tips which help them during the season of Hajj. See below,

Factors that Increase the Chance of Infection

1. From a long trip, increasing tiredness and weakness
2. Deficiency of sleep
3. Regarding the unknown, increasing anxiety and insecurity
4. Deficiency of calorie due to a lack of dietary availability
For healthy Hajj avoid these points and sleep well, eat well, and take rest pressure free.

Environmental and Climatic Factors

1. Pilgrims come from different areas and the climate of these areas are different, therefore, local temperature and heat-stroke effects on the pilgrims.
2. Similarly, cold weather also causes pneumonia and respiratory infections.
3. Overcrowding, sanitary system, and air pollution also cause the diseases like asthma, hepatitis A, and respiratory infections.
For healthy Hajj avoid these points and use the mask, personal hygiene, and consult with the doctor.

Human Factors

1. Pilgrims coughing, sneezing, and spitting anywhere because this is lack of education. They must use a mask or even use a hand.
2. They don’t wash their hands after coughing, sneezing, and spitting due to lack of compassion.
3. Due to overcrowding, they create hazards for others sometimes it gets worse just because of lack of sense of discipline.
4. At the place of Jamarat, they throw shoes, pieces of wood, and big stones which is not allowed. Throwing small pebbles is Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH).

For healthy Hajj avoid these points and follow the Sunnah to get the double rewards from Allah Almighty. Indeed, He is Most Beneficial and Merciful.

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