Fashion retailers are among the primary beneficiaries of the past few years, with the ability to instantly adopting Catwalk fashion and providing trend-led clothes at affordable prices. The success of the fast fashion industry is universal' thanks to the efficient and advanced management in supply chain and economies of scale which have enabled numerous brands to offer customer-driven apparels, footwear, and other products with ease.
In 2012-2017, one of the most successful fast fashion brands in terms of full value addition was H & M, which was increased by USD4.8 billion according to Euromonitor International Provisional estimates because it expanded aggressively outside its main market in Western Europe. However, as fast fashion is becoming widely available, this identity is eroding, and the true personal style is getting obsolete. Millennials are getting disillusioned and anxious to regain their style, looking for unique and individually tailored products that show their values instead of following a homogeneous designs and style. In the fashion industry the brand is already offering personalized products to consumers and is currently looking for ways to distribute individual solutions quickly and widely.

New era of personalization' transforming fashion offerings:

Adidas have made partnership with a start-up of the Silicon Valley Carbon which has given new wings to the idea of personalization. The outcome of this partnership is even exciting i.e. Future craft 4D, an innovation in footwear industry. Future craft 4D utilize light and oxygen and can create 3D-printed mid-console scale. Although companies have exhibited footwear with 3D printed midsole, but this is the first time a sportswear manufacturer will manufacture and sell 3D printed shoes on mass level, because new technology speeds up the process of creation and decease the time of printing. With footwear, the ultimate goal of Adidas is a pop-up shop, which looks on time manufacturing after the body scan of every purchaser. This kind of innovation and quick optimized solution is a great strategy for Adidas to catch up with its competitors; with the projections of the initial Euromonitor International for the sale price of USD30 million in 2017, Adidas is still far below its some of its competitors, which experienced global sales of USD47 million in past year.

When we talk about customized apparels, it has a higher level of potential to give tremendous growth for apparel retailers. Globally, there is huge demand for customized apparels' making it one of the largest penetrated categories in fashion. As per the report by Euromonitor International' 47% of the respondents accepted that the biggest reason to visit brick and mortar store is that' they like to see the products before making the final purchase decision. However, if big brands and market leaders are able to offer customizable apparels that customers are confident about the fit, then this can transform the entire way of online shopping and will open the door opportunities for the growth digitally.

Offering customization won't be possible unless the enterprise can integrate the advanced apparel design software
with their website. So, let's see what those aspects that make customization solution an essential tool for driving growth of the business are:

1. Customer-oriented approach: The apparel design software has made its primary place digitally' as its approach is highly customer-oriented. Well, it can develop as per the need and requirement of the business. By that, apparel enterprises can give their customers' freedom to design, style, and customize the product that enables them with a higher number of options as per their desire. In this way,' eApparel stores can provide value to the customers.

2. High-end business model: Businesses are keeping an eye on the change taking place in the fashion industry and are adapting the changes as per that. Customers are the real king. This is where fashion customization software is bringing the difference in real sense. It gets possible because the solution is meeting the expectations of the consumers and giving them satisfaction. They are now more independent while choosing the apparels in the way that they can customize their apparel as per their wish. And that's the core reason why big brands are reaping the advantages after installation of software with the eStores.

3. Meeting market trends: Latest clothing design software has the power to bring the apparel brands in the pace to meet the ongoing market trends and offer the apparels as per your customer choice. The customers will have full control right from customization to checkout in the entire purchase. To stand tall among the competitors, it is essential that eStore offers unique products to the customers. Clothing design software plays a critical role in this.

4. Value-centric technology: Businesses that give preferences to valuable on-time delivery are ones to integrate fashion design software. The software can be developed in the way that purchasers can personalize their apparels and can get the full value of their investment in buying those apparels. The solution takes the business on the path of higher growth — all you need to make the delivery of garments according to customer's expectations.

5. Technological advantage: Custom software is the right way to establish and speed up the technology in business. Customers have a higher level of benefits as they are getting what they are expecting. In addition, the software has been used to help the buyers by using every feature for the apparel customization and flaunt their style on social media platforms. This has made the entire concept of customization essential these days.

Going in the past, the customization solution was not readily available. Even if they used to, they were highly expensive. Moreover, it was tough to make the standard features due to technological lacking. But, with time and technological advancement, it is now easy to opt and integrate the software with ease. It is need of an hour to have a great solution combined with the online, which will mark the growth of the apparel enterprise in this digital-driven market.

See, what are the things that helping in giving benefit to the apparel enterprise?

1. Installing the right technology: Demand for apparel customization came into the domain and later, fashion design software developed to integrate with the website of e-commerce, which gives the customer the right to adapt their apparels as needed. This software was created with the help of HTML5 innovation and was completely customized.

2. Easy to Integrate and Low-Cost Maintenance: Installing tailored solution and extensions is easy and can be basically coordinated, especially with Magento based ecommerce stores. As the extensions come open-source, developers can change the features as per the need and requirement of the business. You have to do in-depth research for those software service providers who offer these software solutions annually or monthly. Magento certified developers, who accept nominal charges, helps in maintaining the entire storefront with ease.

3. Boost Customer Confidence and Build Loyalty: Today's Millennials are highly advanced when it is about using technology. They are also called as computer-based generation' as they access the web with utter curiosity, including data generation and making the decision after doing the research after that. They are ready to pay your price if they found the product as per their expectations. By making the installation of clothing design software, apparel enterprises have the option of offering customization. The software comes with numerous unique features which helps the people in:

• Selecting colors, clip-arts, and pictures.
• Adjoin features and make new features.
• Check the preview of new products and go for safe checkout.

4. Encourages innovation:
With modern technological inventions' retailers and customers are more relaxed for designing and customizing the apparels. Online eStore retailers don't need to worry about the printing jobs as with these solutions every can easily be automated to complete the tasks of customization. If you really want to stop some typical stereotypical domain, then making an investment is the best idea.

Now' when we talk about innovation, Artificial intelligence is also creating a buzz in transforming apparel and fashion industry.

As consumers are shopping online, retailers are looking for ways to increase consumer shopping experience. In this way, they are already using AI, which is analyzing data collected from consumers and the previous purchases so that individual recommendations of products can be provided which consumers may need in the future. In November 2017, Alibaba, which organizes 72% apparel and footwear internet retailing in China, to bring personalization to the brick-and-mortar store during a Chinese shopping festival singles day by establishing FashionAI fashion assistants' using artificial intelligence that worked as an individual stylist. When offline retailing is coming in favor of online, technology can turn consumer to go to the brick-and-mortar store as an incentive. Such a step is in line with the plans of the Chinese government to lead the world in AI in 2030, and China is already one of the most prominent investors of AI Technology.

Personalization for the coming years will be a significant trend within the fashion industry. However, the brand really needs to work hard to bring individual products to the mainstream, the speed of production, and delivery, which provides a fast-fashion retailer. Adidas sold pops for USD215 with selling personal sweaters through its "Knit for You," however; brands still need to reduce the production costs to achieve actual interruption.

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