Revenue management is a popular strategy adopted by most businesses in the hotel industry. This is a strategy that helps business maximize their revenue and boost their sales. It is a very popular and a proven strategy, adopted by the hotel industry to grow their business. Having a revenue management strategy in place not only helps businesses forecast the future demand but also helps determine the best pricing strategy. Speaking more on this, in today’s article we have covered how revenue management helps in building a pricing strategy. Here, you will find a breakdown of some pricing strategies that offer unique benefits for business.
Pricing Based Forecast
Forecasting demand and setting your pricing strategy accordingly is one-way hotels can seamlessly benefit and make profits accordingly. So, for instance, when hotels expect the demand to be high, they can accordingly charge higher rates for the rooms. While on the other hand when there is low demand, hotels can offer discounts to customers on their booking or possibly an upgrade depending on what they find beneficial. This way the hotel can potentially fill rooms that would otherwise be vacant. However, pricing based on forecast needs to have high-level accuracies and a high-quality forecasting strategy.
Pricing as per Segment
Using various data analysis reports, businesses can segment customer types and base their price on the type of customers. So in this hotel revenue management strategy, hotels can sell the same rooms at different prices to different customer segments. For instance, businesses can sell rooms at a lower price for business customers as they are likely to use corporate facilities. You can probably even sell it at a discounted rate for travel agents who can get you bulk bookings as a part of their travel package to customers as per different package deals.
Pricing based on Direct Bookings
Businesses can always encourage customers for a direct booking by offering them discounts for direct booking. This saves businesses on commissions to the third party and in turn increases the margins of their profits. Discount codes for direct booking can be offered in advance, or upon check out in order to attract bookings during times of low demand or in order to encourage return customers and persuade customers to book directly the next time.
Package Deal Pricing
Another popular revenue management strategy includes offering package deals to customers. This includes offering discounts on bulk booking or multiple rooms which works out to be an effective strategy for encouraging group bookings. This can help boost the revenue management efforts, especially when there is low demand and rooms are going vacant. So, with this strategy, hotels can be guaranteed multiple room bookings especially when demand is low.
While these are popular hotel revenue management strategies, there are several other pricing strategies as well that can optimize revenue and boost business profits. Some strategies like offering a free one-night stay for an extended booking or a free meal or discounts or value-added services can be a good strategy to encourage customers to extend their stay in your hotel. However, deciding on which pricing strategy to adopt must be done in consultation with a professional and experience Revenue Management Company. When it comes to a Revenue management company their experience and expertise in the industry counts in building a good pricing strategy that suits your business.

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