I got this email, out of the blue, from a woman I don’t know and had to share it, along with my advice:
I need advice about this guy I’m “seeing”. We’ve dated off and on for two years and were giving it another go. I really feel like it could be wonderful, if he’d stop being so selfish. He has a job that requires him to be gone for weeks at a time. He only sees me once or twice when he’s home. He refuses to see me on he weekend, saying, “Whats so important about a Saturday night?”
He sees his best friend on those nights. When I complain, he says I’m being irrational and needy. But, he says he doesn’t want me to date others and neither is he. I’m seriously attached and the thought of dating other guys bothers me; I tried a date last week and I thought i thought of this guy the whole time…it felt like I was cheating. What should I do?
My advice:
You can’t change a man’s nature. He prefers to be with his buddies, if that’s what he’s really doing. It sounds like you don’t really have a relationship, rather, it seems that you’re his booty call. The only reason you think about him when you go out is because the space in your brain that holds your ‘relationship status’ is filled with him. If you start dating others, they will eventually take up that space, THEN you will meet someone who is excited that you’re his girlfriend. NO WOMAN should have to beg for time with a man. If that’s going on, “he’s just not that into you.”
BTW, a woman can’t become a man’s booty call unless she allows it.
You deserve better than this, don’t you?
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