Squidoo offers posting possibilities in the form of ‘lenses’. These lenses are post on literally any topic on earth. From how to’s to reviews of specific products, Squidoo is a great place to put up helpful informative post that you can use for your online writing portfolio links.

Squidoo Writing How To Walk-through

One of the greatest aspects of Squidoo is its basic walk-through that even the least savvy person can easily understand. Not only will the walk through help you through Squidoos posts, but it will also give you an idea of how to format your articles in the future. With Squidoo guiding you through as well as explaining the why’s of, it can be considered quick, profitable and productive practice for your freelance writing career. Once you have produced a few Squidoo lenses you will understand what the proper formatting is for easy to read attractive articles that receive high view counts.In turn you should utilize what you have learned through lens creation by applying it to your own personal blog, website and even clients work.

What Can Squidoo Do For My Career?

Not only can Squidoo lenses help add great looking links to your writing portfolio, but the lenses themselves can earn their own income in pay per views. However, do not do Squidoos hoping to make a lucrative income right away, you have to have really great lenses that will receive many views to even have more then a few cents in change earned per month.

Additionally, you may come across many clients who are looking for writers who are familiar with Squidoo lens creation. Just the knowledge of how to navigate their system may give you an extra boost in gaining a position, or even more pay once doing so.

What Lenses Should I Create?

Although it entirely depends on what you choose to write about, it can be helpful to provide lenses with helpful tips and tricks for others in your niche. Share the lessons you have learned or some effective shortcuts to time consuming things. Create a trail of information that is helpful to those who have any interest in your niche and let that trail lead back to you by making sure you have updated profile information and all of your personal URL links where Squidoo allows you to post them.

Again, Squidoo really has so much more to it but it would be impossible to describe all of the ways they have attempted and succeeded in making Squidoo a great source of important information on the internet. However, the benefit that they provide to a freelance writer in helpful tutorials as well as the usual article marketing capabilities, may be unsurpassed in that area.

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