In the increasingly digital world we live in today, with everyone’s comfort improving with their digital devices, more companies are leaning towards moving digitally. It is getting extremely competitive and customers today have several options to choose from for any service or product they desire. Hence, brands are now constantly trying to think of new ideas to maintain their clientele and establish a loyal database so they will have a community that relies on their products and services slowly. This can help them build and grow their company in the long run while also expanding externally.

With various marketing techniques now actively being used and advertised, it is hard to make the best and lasting choice for your brand considering the varied benefits each of them offers. This article can help you in figuring out whether SMS marketing can be the solution for your business needs.

While SMS, the abbreviated form of Short Message Service, has been around for several years and is the earliest mode of digital communication along with mobile phone calls, they haven’t been actively used for marketing until recently. Their relevance in the field of marketing has only risen in the past decade and businesses are increasingly looking at the different ways in which SMS beats the other dominant options in marketing. With higher opening rates compared to the popular method of emails, SMS is definitely preferred more for its instant reception and effective ways of connecting with the customers.

Can SMS help you in maintaining your existent clientele?

The short answer is yes, definitely. The following points will brief you on how SMS does it and why it should be on your list of marketing techniques.

1. Deliver a Personalised Experience

It is easy to send generalised, Text messaging about sales or offers to many customers, and it is just as easy for them to ignore your message. This is because a lot of the times, your offers are not related to their preferences, hence, the message fails to keep them interested. But once you start tracking their purchases and the webpages they most visit on your website or the services they most look for while visiting your store, you can communicate with them regarding those very items and services. Personalising your interactions with customers can impact your relationship greatly and ensure a long-term future. Hence look for each customer’s personal interests and notify them via SMS on sales or offers related to those items; or track their services so you can remind them to renew your service after a period of time so they know they can count on you for it again.

2. Ask for feedback from customers

Customers will appreciate your brand more if their interests and values are taken into account so that your brand adapts and adjusts to be better for them. The best way for this is to directly seek their opinion on your products and services and what improvements they would like to see. You can use SMS to send links to feedback forms which can instantly be filled by them. Seeing the changes happen over time will interest them more as customers and they will come to rely on your brand for those particular purchases. Feedback forms are a great way to get detailed feedback but also to be in constant touch with customers so your brand remains relevant for them even after their purchases. Feedback also helps in letting the experience with the brand produce more impact since they think further about it to fill the form. Seeing that your company values their voice is also something that adds to the general brand image in the long run.

3. Better Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most essential aspects of a brand and an integral part of every company’s growth. It is important to note that you should have a team managing this part constantly so that their doubts are never ignored. Using SMS to serve customers’ queries is a convenient and quick way to communicate as well as make changes. SMS can allow the customer and you to communicate at any time in a format that is comfortable to the customer and since SMS providers offer integration of company software, following customer queries on SMS, an employee can immediately make changes on the site or at the physical storefront. Hence, it is a quicker way of reaching customers and ensuring that they get exactly what they need and don’t return disappointed with your treatment.

SMS is one of the most effective modes of communication and can certainly boost your profits in no time due to its instancy. A message immediately pops up as a notification on mobile phones, which makes it hard to ignore. With such a strong likelihood to be positively received by a customer, it has a higher chance of making a good impression. Use SMS to your advantage to see your company soar to great lengths.

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