Today even after so much advancement in the medical and healthcare industry, people still believe that that squint can be treated only up to a certain age, usually at a very young age, and works only when treated at such young ages. However, in reality, several research and studies contradict this popular belief and medical practice regarding age limits for the successful treatment of squint eye. While some doctors continue to offer outdated treatment programs to patients, people should rather scout for professional pediatric ophthalmologists in Mumbai providing advanced and proven treatment for the best outcomes. Discussing more on this in detail we have covered an article that details how a squint eye problem can be successfully treated in both children and adults.
Squint Eye Vision
Our brain plays a key role in our vision. For a better understanding, vision is a 3 step process wherein the eye captures the image, the visual path that delivers the image from the eye to the brain, and the visual cortex that interprets the image and gives it meaning. Both children and adults may experience symptoms of visual fatigue, headaches, or difficulty with visual tasks in a squint eye condition. Squint eye which is often misinterpreted as a cosmetic disorder is a vision problem wherein both the eyes are misaligned due to the weak muscles that control the eye movement. It could be even due to a never issue that may have led to the condition of the squint eye. These patients struggle due to the inability to enjoy regular vision. If not treated, vision can stay impaired. Squint can result in long-term vision issues such as Amblyopia which is also called lazy eye, which is a disorder of vision, Visual impairment which is a gradual loss of vision until a total loss or blurred vision that may lead to myopia and hyperopia. The condition should be treated on time with a professional squint specialist in Mumbai to prevent deterioration of vision.
Symptoms of squint eye
Squint eye should be diagnosed as early as possible for effective treatment. Once diagnosed immediate action must be taken with the best ophthalmologist nearby. Given below are some common symptoms of squint eye that should be a red flag for the people-
• Eye fatigue
• Double vision
• Overlapped or blurred images
• A pulling sensation around the eyes
• Reading difficulty
• Loss of depth perception
Being watchful over the symptoms will help you with early treatment. Ophthalmologists will examine the symptoms and suggest treatments accordingly based on the severity of the condition. Here are some effective treatments that are often not discussed and known to people.
Vision Therapy for Squint eye
Eye patching, eye drops, corrective lenses, etc continue to be the most popular cure but supervised visual training activities like vision therapy are not widely known, available, or frequently recommended. While the basic treatment for the squint eye includes using corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, patching or blurring eye drops, etc to stimulate or push the eye to see well, visual activities are highly recommended. Vision therapy or visual training exercises support the development of improved vision in patients with squint eyes. The therapy develops efficient visual-motor and visual perceptive-cognitive processing skills. They stimulate the eye-brain connection and push the eye to actively part in seeing. The treatment involves initially focusing the treatment towards enhancing the brain’s ability to control many functions of the eye including eye alignment, eye coordination, focusing, movement accuracy, and visual speed and integration. Then moving on, the squint specialists use specialized optical devices, therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters for developing visual-motor skills and endurance. Squint specialists in Mumbai use this therapy which is effective in treating people with squint eye and amblyopia, especially for patients of all ages. Vision therapy treats the eyes and the entire vision providing additional treatments for all aspects of vision impacted due to the squint.

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