Many professions which require continuous interaction among people have already adopted the standing position as their gold standard. That has created the necessity to develop new and improved materials and products to sustain body weight and make you feel comfortable while standing for an extended time. One of these products is the anti-fatigue mat. They vary in sizes and are made of materials that can adequately meet the needs of the people who will use it.

But what makes these mats so unique? Is it the materials that the mats are made from? Or maybe the discussion about them being the perfect solution for tired legs? Or, maybe both. Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mats can deal with the short-term tiredness which is associated with prolonged standing at work.

What are the problems caused by prolonged standing?

The most severe effect of standing while working has to do primarily with the circulatory system. The blood flows from the heart to the vessels as it is pumped back using the force of muscle strength. When you stand up for long hours, the gravity makes blood and other body fluids to settle in your feet. That is the effect of reduced muscle activity while standing. This situation may gradually lead to the malfunction of the veins pump system. That increases the pressure on the vessels walls and  leads to long term damage and swelling.

How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Standing for long hours without any movement or cushioning can also cause varicose veins. Various solutions have been proposed to overcome the problem of varicose veins. Anti-fatigue mats are the latest technological invention that helps people rest their feet while working. They are developed to address the short-term fatigue and discomfort that correlates with prolonged standing up at work.

It provides a cushioned surface which is made from a durable and elastic material. That is the surface you stand on to stimulate automatic muscle activity in feet and legs. The proper circulation levels are brought back to normal and until the pain disappears. The unique elastic cushioning properties make it safe to use and avoid work-related accidents and injuries.

What Else Should You Do?

1)    You better start changing those standing positions. There is a need to change your mindset about the way of standing up at work. It has been reported by surveys ( that successful use of mats goes together with the frequent change in body stature while standing. This practice gives the best results for pain elimination and increases the satisfaction from the use of the mat.

If it helps, you can try an ErgoSlant mat, or an Active Mat to encourage additional micro-movements throughout the day.

2)    Give extra attention to the shoes you are wearing. If you choose the right shoes, then you can benefit a lot more from the use of the anti-fatigue mat. Shoes should be comfortable and follow the anatomy of the foot curb. Plus, they should support the ankle and heel so that movement can happen easily.

3) Invest in high-quality flooring. It can sound irrelevant, but most of the pressure that foot bones and ligaments undertake comes directly from the level. Hard and rigid floors like the solid concrete ones can bring discomfort to your feet. Anti-fatigue mats work better on softer floors like wooden, laminate or rubber which provides a particular grade of elasticity.

Which anti-fatigue mat matches your needs?

Indeed, there are multiple products on the market that claim to be anti-fatigue mats. However, they need to be chosen properly. If you want to select the right mat for yourself pay attention to these simple suggestions:

  • You need to have a good understanding of the floor type as well as the quality of the mat you are about to purchase. Their adherence to the floor surface must be considered if you have a smooth or slippery floor. In addition, the right mat must be easily rinsed and cleaned. That applies particularly in kitchen placement where food can be spilled over at any time (the kitchen is the second most popular place anti-fatigue mats are found after the office). Give extra importance to the edges of the mat. They have to be sloped, to hold the mat in its position.
  • Have a clear concept about the anti-fatigue mat’s specific use. There is no need to buy such a mat if your only concern is to create a non-slippery surface - you are likely more interested in the cushioning, massage effects, or activity inducing properties. Anti-fatigue mats have anti-slippery features, but their primary goal is to absorb the pressure from the feet and give comfort to the user.
  • Make sure you take into account the thickness of the mat. The bigger ones are not always better when it comes to anti-fatigue mats. These mats must have a certain amount of elasticity without being so soft and tender that you may lose your balance when you step on them. For harder floors, you will want more cushioning.

Furthermore, the anti-fatigue mats must be in perfect balance. They should be rigid enough to hold your weight and soft enough to make your feet feel comfortable while at work.

Find your final solution for prolonged standing with new technology anti-fatigue mats

    Independent researchers from the University of Michigan have been studying the differences between standing for four hours on an anti-fatigue mat and standing on a hard surface (control condition). Unsurprisingly, the study has shown that discomfort is significantly reduced after four hours of standing on mats compared to the control condition.

    These mats are made of advanced technology foam and elastic materials that support the foot and follow its shape. That is how the foot discomfort may disappear in a matter of days after the initial use.

Lifestyle also contribute to fatigue and foot discomfort. It is necessary to lose weight and exercise enough, to keep our muscles, bones and ligaments in good shape. Choosing the right shoes is also a factor that makes a huge difference in our discomfort issues while standing. Loose and comfortable clothing can also make a difference in the way our body perceives tiredness and exhaustion.

Anti-fatigue mats are the perfect aid for people who stand almost all day, usually in the same place without much movement. They can have a high impact on our wellbeing and promote ease and comfort while we work. After all, we strive to have a better quality of life and work. To do this we seek out quality products and improved solutions to enhance everyday interactions. Find the anti-fatigue mats that will work best for you!

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