The inbound call centre or inbound call centre services is one of the major channels through which brands aim to provide excellent customer service. It helps them connect with their customer through phone support. It is still the go-to channels for most customers, when faced with a complex issue. An efficient call centre can go a long way in helping businesses in retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

Here, the brand interacts with the customer one-on-one. And so, it is important that the customer experience is flawless. What can be done to improve customer experience at the call centre?

Efficient agents
Hire well. And then train and retrain them. Equip talented agents with current information. Coach them how to deal with difficult customers. Increase agent engagement by aligning their goals with a customer-centric organization culture. Engaged employees are happy employees. Reward good performance with recognition and incentives. Encourage your agents to tailor interactions in such a way that your customers always return to your brand.

Advanced technology and equipment
Automation powered by Artificial Intelligence propels call centres to greater heights. Mundane, repetitive jobs are taken off of the agents’ hands. This allows them to use their skills and talent for tasks that are more advanced. It improves employee productivity and increases customer satisfaction.
AI can be a helping hand by also improving service quality through intelligent insights. Speech analytics, natural language processing capabilities of AI will help you monitor calls closely and glean vital information that can be used to improve services.

Use good call centre software. This enables agents to provide swift and consistent service. It also allows the business to measure the performance of the call centre more accurately. Chatbots powered by AI allows you to interact with customers on the website and assist them promptly. Your customers can benefit from always-on, intelligent services.

Improve call centre quality
Analyze performance of the call centre services or inbound call centre services using metrics. Call volume, wait times, hold times, First Call Resolution rates, average handle times, call abandonment rates, etc. give you insights into how well the call centre is serving your customers. When you rule out or fix the root cause of these issues, service becomes smoother, improving customer experience. Gather feedback and act on it. Customer reviews are a great way to know if your customer support is on track. For further improvement phykon can assist you regarding inbound call centre services or call centre outsourcing services.

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