I am outraged.

It’s now well known that big pharma pays off doctors regarding the safety of drugs, including opioids, which is causing the high death toll from these drugs.

It’s not as well known that the SSRI antidepressant drugs are also partly responsible for the mass shootings. Every mass shooter has been on one of these drugs, which have been shown to cause violence.

It’s now come to light that numerous politicians have been paid millions of dollars by the NRA to vote against gun control legislation, (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/10/04/opinion/thoughts-prayers-...), even though the vast majority of Americans want gun control.

How can these people live with themselves in the face of the school shootings and other mass shootings? How can money be more important to them than the life of a child or an adult?

I cannot fathom this.

Money In Politics Is Ruining Our Country

Years ago, when I was traveling in Europe, I discovered that in the Scandinavian countries, when someone runs for office, he or she gets free equal time on TV to state their platform – and that’s it for campaigning. They don’t need the huge campaign funds to run for office that politicians need in the US. Anyone can run for office and the people get to fairly choose between them.

Things would be very different in our country if money and greed were not a part of our political system.

When money becomes more important than love and caring, we are in big trouble, and we are definitely in big trouble. What will it take for people to realize that we are here on the planet to evolve in love and to manifest love? How many children need to die in school shootings for people to do something about the drugs and guns that are far too available?

Aside From Guns, Food And Drugs Are Also Killing Us

I am heartbroken over how many people are dying, not only from opioid overdoses and other drugs that ruin people’s guts, but from the junk food that passes as food in our grocery stores, and from the GMOs and other pesticides, antibiotics and hormones that many groceries are filled with – causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. These drugs and food-like products have been shown to create toxicity in the gut which goes to the brain, leading to anxiety and depression – and then on to the drugs that can cause violence. Can you see how all this is connected? And it all comes from greed.

How can these food manufacturers, factory farms, big pharma, and companies like Monsanto live with themselves? How can the executives of these companies sleep at night knowing that millions of people are being lied to through their food and drug commercials, especially those aimed at children? How can they live with themselves, knowing that they are knowingly killing people due to their greed?

What has happened to these people that they cannot feel the pain of the families losing their children due to illness from junk food, or from drug overdose or from school shootings?

Yes, I am outraged and heartbroken about the lack of love and caring for each other that is rampant not only among politicians, big pharma, food manufacturers and factory farms, but also with the insurance companies who are now running how doctors treat their patients.

How Can Drug-Pushing Doctors Live With Themselves?

Conventional doctors who are part of a medical corporation that is basically run by insurance companies, now have 15 minutes to see each patient and are being pushed by their corporations to see more and more patients in a day. And what do they generally have to offer? Drugs! No wonder so many doctors are now pulling away from taking insurance and becoming concierge doctors who take their time with their patients. No wonder many doctors are now getting trained in functional medicine so that they can treat the root causes of illness rather than simply treating symptoms with drugs. The Functional Medicine Center at the Cleveland Clinic has grown rapidly over the last few years and now has a waiting time of over six months. People are getting smarter and now want real help rather than just drugs.

It’s going to take the people of our beautiful country getting smarter and taking courageous steps, for things to change.

You must be feeling as bad as I do over all this. But we can all do something by first learning to love ourselves through our Inner Bonding practice, and then being role models of sharing our love with others. Love heals, and the more of us who come from love, the faster this much-needed collective healing will occur.

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