How Can We Care for Our Mental Health During COVID Closures?

Vishal Bhojane
March 30, 2020

If you are experiencing a lot of different emotions right now. We are all marveling at how different the world looks than it did a few weeks ago. Big occasions canceled. Tourism bans. School closings.

This post is not about health measures or containment or COVID-19 symptoms. This post is about leveling the curve or social distancing or exponential development. There are millions of other articles, posts, and podcasts for that.

This is about taking care of yourself and your mental health during COVID.

At a time when we are all taking on the anxiety, stress, and fears of how a global pandemic will affect our children, it is more serious than ever to remember that we cannot efficiently take care of other people if we are not taking care of ourselves.

1. Be kind to yourself.

We are all learners here. This condition is new for all of us, and that means new sentiments, new reactions we did not know we are capable of, new fears. Don't put more pressure on yourself take care of yourself and your family. Support the government and follow all the instructions given by them. There are peoples aware of everything because of social media and the internet so handle or process this in a healthy way. Simple is OK.

2. Move your body.

Don't worry about energetic exercise right now if that is not your jam. But I think it's good for all of us to make moving a regular habit. Go for a walk if you can. Take a fitness class on YouTube. Have an unplanned dance party to your favorite song. Ultimately just get the blood flowing and the endorphins pumping. This helps to stay happy emotionally, mentally and physically.

3. Calm your mind.

This looks different for all of us, but it is super important to give your mind a break from the barrage of information out there. Download the best apps from the internet with guided meditations, nature playlists, relaxing songs, and bedtime stories, you will wish you would have done it a long time ago. But whatever you do, try not to simply distract yourself, but truly disconnect and let your mind "be" for a while. It's working overtime these days.

4. Laugh.

A global pandemic is noticeably very serious. But so is your mental health during COVID. As anyone who has ever cared for a family member with a lot of care also by making some jokes is the best ever thing to deal with COVID. Watch TV shows which make you feel better during this situation. Play some games with your loved once and laugh together.

5. Stay connected in the right ways.

Use the technology we do have Social media, WhatsApp, Skype to check in with people remotely. Check-in on your neighbors, the elderly people you know (especially those living alone), and others in helpless populations. You will know when you are overwhelmed. And if social media is overwhelming you, by all means, disconnect for a while.

Check the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO)websites for up-to-date, reliable information about coronavirus.

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