Angels are woven through the different religions and cultures that span our planet. We see them depicted in paintings, on murals, in books, poems, in the Holy Scriptures, and throughout films, and programs. In fact, they are everywhere! We think of Angels mainly at Christmas, but they are with us constantly, from birth to death. They guide us, assist us and watch over us as we travel along life's path. Anyone can learn how to interact with the Angels, regardless of your religious beliefs, age or where you are in your life.

Most children, particularly those under the age of seven, have no difficulty in conversing freely with the Angels. Unfortunately after the age of seven the children begin to learn about how they are "supposed" to behave, and this can cause a child to lose his or her sense of wonder and innocence that allows the child to communicate without question. As children grow, they tend to forget about the Angels, but that certainly does not stop the Angels from communicating, supporting and loving that child as they become an adult.

Occasionally, children are able to hold on to their ability to communicate with Angels. Often adults who experience a near death experience, trauma or other type of life changing event speak of seeing an Angel, or talking to one. Some gifted and talented people retain the ability to talk to Angels and go on to help others to reconnect or strengthen their interactions with them. Notable individuals and teachers in communicating with Angels include Diana Cooper, Lorna Byrne, Sylvia Browne and Doreen Virtue. These women continue to teach others how to talk with Angels, and how to receive their messages.

Others begin to learn to talk to the Angels via a class, or a book, or via reading an article like this on the internet. Sometimes the Angels give them messages, and sometimes, they get the messages through other people, or Angel Therapists.

My own journey with the Angels started when a friend gave me a book about how to talk to Angels. This book really resonated with me and I wanted to learn more. The next Christmas one of my gifts was an Angel Reading, which was completely enjoyable and very meaningful, and gave me lots of insight, including that I should be doing Angel readings. It took a few years to find the courage, and finally I trained with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii and then began to do Angel readings for a living.

Very occasionally, the Angels bring an important message to earth from God. There are different accounts of Angels bringing life changing messages in various religious scriptures. Some notable cases include Bernadette of Lourdes, Joan of Arc and Gabriel's vision to Mother Mary.

Human angels or incarnated angels are all around us. These are people that are wonderfully loving, caring and giving souls that make you feel good when you are around them. They often have distinctive characteristics which include a round face and large, luminous, smiling eyes. They may be teachers, healers, mentors or friends but they always make you feel loved and joyful. Human angels seem to be able to see the good in everyone, although in some situations they can be a little too trusting.

These angels may be in your life for years, months or days. They will celebrate your victories and encourage you through hard times. They will not judge, evaluate or criticise you, but they will be honest in their comments and support. In some cases these angels may only appear for a short time to help us to handle a particularly difficult or stressful time of our lives. Each of us, at some time, may be a human angel for another. If you stop and think, you can probably identify several times where human angels were around you, and perhaps even times that you provided that service for someone else.

Angels do not aim to control, manipulate or direct your life. They want each of us to be successful, happy and at peace, but they respect our that we have free will to do as we please. The Angels in your life will listen to your questions and will answer them in a variety of ways that you can hear if you are open to receiving the message. They strive to create harmony in our world and encourage us to become the best person that we can. They are around for us 24/7, 365 days a year, even when, or especially when, we do not know that they are there.

The messages from our Angels will relate to our situation, life and needs. This is because we have personal Angels who are with us all the time. Their messages will always be delivered in a truthful, loving way. In the beginning, we hear messages that can be harsh, critical or judgmental, and these messages are not from the Angels- they are our ego talking. Any negative message is not from an Angel, it is a product of your own mind.

Learning to talk to your Angels is a great gift to develop. You can do this on your own but you do need to practice and continue to open your mind to be able to hear the answers. Reading books, meditating, using cards or working with a small group are all good ways to start on your path to communicating with the Angels. Another option is to work with a person who gives Angel Readings. This will ensure that you hear the messages that your Angels are trying to give you and have someone to help you discover your blocks and resistance to health, wealth, love, life purpose, or whatever else it is you would like to know.

Here are some questions that you can read to get an idea of which areas you would like to hear guidance for:

• What would my angels like me to know today?
• How can I improve my relationships?
• How can I bring love into my life?
• What is my life purpose?
• How can I improve my health?
• How can I learn to hear my angels?
• What issues do I need to work on to move forward?

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Written by Caroline Nettle.

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