Changing your mindset, beliefs, and self-image is a lot of work. You didn't create negative beliefs overnight so it will take time to change them. At one time, negative beliefs and mindsets were just seeds that you watered by negative responses, outlooks, and placing yourself in negative situations that would confirm your beliefs. So, in order to change this, it will take work and you need to understand this from the beginning.

There are three things that you will need to put into practice in your life as you are learning how to change it for the better: affirmations, prayer, and forgiveness.

Affirmation is positive self-talk within yourself. We are have such a bad habit of beating ourselves down rather than lifting ourselves up. How often do you find yourself being critical of all the mistakes you have made, yet you forget all the wonderful things you have done. Another way we beat ourselves is by going into detail about every little mistake, but giving a vague overview of the positive. If we spent just as much time reminding ourselves of the good things as we do, instead of the bad, then we would be able to understand just how important we are, and just how much of an impact we can make. So write those positive affirmations down and let yourself have some positive re-enforcements rather than negative hard times. You can write these affirmations down and post them around your house, car, and even on you. Results from affirmations can come quite quickly when doing this.

Prayer is a wonderful gift and will work wonders in your life, behavior, and belief. An experiment was conducted in a hospital several years ago where a group of christian and non-christian doctors decided to pray for their patients in Jesus' name. Many patients began to get well, even patients that were not improving before. I am a christian, so I do believe in the power of praying in Jesus' name, but if the idea of prayer is new for you I encourage you to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and watch what happens. Because what if He turns and leaves a blessing, your life will be changed forever. I understand there is a lot people out there who do not believe in God, and even some that do but somehow the idea of prayer is way to religious. I am not trying to offend anybody, but the truth is if I am it really doesn't concern me. God is real, and His power is seen in everything...even in you. Tapping into this wealth of knowledge and blessings is not some fantasy driven adventure, but rather an intricate, personal recognition that can benefit your life forever.

Forgiveness is integral for all healthy and happy living whether you are a Christian or not. Even psychologists and doctors understand the power of forgiveness and teach others to do the same. Holding grudges with people over a long period of time can cause disastrous impacts on your health and life. There is nothing more evident than seeing someone who has held onto a grudge for most of their life. It is apparent even on their faces and demeanor, and most of the time the individual is unhappy even in their own life. However, when a person is willing to live and let go in every situation it can be a truly liberating experience. Forgiveness is such an important building block in a healthy life, and it is evident to everyone when you do. This does not mean that you allow people to walk over you or abuse you. This just means that you will not allow the choices other people have made or the things that they have said to hold you back from a prominent future and the promises that God has spoken in your life. We can often thwart our growth by believing things that are not true because someone has spoken them over us. Let's not hinder our growth or give others the power to do so. Let's press on and cast off limiting beliefs and negative mindsets. It's time to forgive, love others, release, and let go of the things that so easily entangles.

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