Generally, anti-biotics are definitely the main medicines for the management of prostatitis. Theoretically, antibiotics are merely good at severe microbial prostatitis and persistent microbial prostatitis. In fact, there are lots of methods to treat prostatitis, one of which is healing paste.

As one of the four standard Chinese treatments treatment options, healing paste has a lengthy history and a positive influence on the management of some diseases. Following, we are going to bring in several methods of healing paste for the treating of prostatitis, hoping to help you.

There are numerous forms of healing paste for prostatitis, widely used would be subsequent:

1.Organic navel powder

Very first fill up the umbilical cord with .15g musk, then cover it with 7 pieces of white colored pepper, finally include the musk and white pepper with white colored papers and repair it with adhesive tape, alter once in 7-10 days, 10 times being a length of treatment. The impact of this approach on prostatitis is absolutely good. 2. Prostatic healing paste

Patients can use honeysuckle, Euphorbia hirta L, dandelion, Ligusticum wallichii, myrrh, frankincense and safflower Typhonium giganteum, peanut oil or soybean oil, fully developed rosin, borneol, musk with proper amounts. Saturate the medication in oil for 15 days and nights, then temperature it within the pan and fry it. Take away the powder remains when coke is used up, keep on boiling hot until dripping drinking water will become beads.

Upcoming, add rosin and stir continuously making it melt totally, shut off the temperature and stir it with Borneol and musk noodles, and you can use it when it cools lower. Get twenty to thirty grams of medicinal paste and knead it into slim slices and applied to perineal factors and middle severe stage, do not forget to fix it with adhesive tape.

3. Nearby dirt program Treatment method

Heat the mud to 46 ~50 degrees centigrade and positioned in the lumbosacral and perineum for half an hour once daily, 15~20 instances as being a course of remedy, which had an apparent impact on alleviating the signs and symptoms of prostatitis.

As well as the three common therapies of medicinal paste, there are numerous treatment options for prostatitis, like common natural treatments Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which includes honeysuckle, safflower, angelica, cowherb seed, banksia rose along with other natural herbs, it could crystal clear temperature and cleanse, activate the circulation of blood and remove blood stasis, relieve the discomforts and pain of patients and entirely eliminate the lesions inside the prostate.

It is actually reminded that patients must not be blindly treated, visit the typical hospital for treatment solutions are the right behavior and select the proper treatment according to the problem.

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