Whether you want to store a couple of wine bottles or your need is to stack up 500 bottles, building a wine cellar can provide you with this opportunity. However, wine storage design makes the real difference in accommodating the number of bottles safely. Hire a reputed contractor today and design a specific cellar to meet your requirement. Read this post till the end and find more information.

Do you prefer the kitchen refrigerator for storing wine bottles? It provides a quick remedy to keep wines in good condition for up to 48 hours. If you aim to store them for a longer time, purchasing a wine refrigerator can be helpful. It comes in vivid size and provides a convenient way of storing a limited number of wine bottles safely. However, it is not suitable for the purpose of wine aging. By hiring a professional contractor, you can ask for wine storage design options to build a wine cellar.

Wine enthusiasts always look for a long-term solution to store a maximum number of bottles in the property. Building a wine cellar ensures that you can store bottles even for aging purpose.

Benefits of Building a Wine Cellar

  • Protects wine from getting spoiled

Temperature fluctuation is not acceptable. It is also important to maintain the humidity level. With the installation of a top-quality wine cellar, you can achieve the same. In most cases, the temperature range is 50oF to 60oF. However, you are advised to maintain 55oF inside the cellar.

  • Prevents noise and vibration

Vibration and noise can destroy the flavour and aroma of wines. It must be prevented; otherwise, the quality of your stored wines will get changed. Good quality cellar functions the same. In some cases, there might be a need for installing specific devices such as vibration and noise reducers.

  • Helps in organising bottles

With the installation of wine cellar racks in the property, you can organise bottles. You are advised to lay them side-by-side such that the corks remain moisturised all the time. In case you follow another way of organising the bottles, there might be a possibility of drying up of the cork. It must be prevented.

In this way, a cellar helps in protecting your favourite wine from getting spoiled such that you can enjoy its divine taste for a long period of time.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Wine Storage

Never store bottles in an upright position to avoid dry cork
Maintain apt temperature and humidity level to evade wine spoilage
Install LED lighting system inside the cellar to eliminate excess heat generation
Always build wine storage out of the reach of direct sunlight
Underground wine cellars suit the best when you want to save space

Bottom Line

Whether you want to store a dozen of bottles or 500 bottles, you can go for building a cellar. So, hire a reputed contractor for picking the most suitable wine storage design. Some of the popular design options include contemporary cellar for modern home architectures, spiral cellar for compact storage, and classic cellar for building it in traditional style.

In case you have any specific requirement, you can ask the dealer to design a bespoke cellar. A customised storage unit offers you the advantage of displaying bottles in your own style. Considering the price of the project, it may vary from contractor to contractor. Just pick a reliable builder such that you can rely on the services in terms of quality and cost!

Author's Bio: 

Neil Smallman is a designer of wine cellar racks in Australia. He has been serving wine enthusiasts with wine storage design options for building a top-notch cellar. He is also an active blogger. He prefers writing informative blogs on the benefits of constructing wine storage, the need for a cellar, etc.