Women begin to age at the age of 25. With the gradual growth of age, the collagen in the human body gradually decreases, the hormone secretion also gradually decreases, the skin starts to lose elasticity, and the pigment in the private area deepens daily. Secret places have become fragile, and repeated gynecological health problems have come one after another. Private maintenance is essential for women!

Private maintenance for 18-25 years old

The physiological period is the focus of women's attention at all times at this stage. It takes months as a cycle. The endometrium thickens autonomously, the blood vessels proliferate, glands grow and secrete, and the endometrium collapses and falls off with bleeding. It is a phenomenon of periodic vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding.

1. Keep them clean. Underwear should be soft, cotton, ventilated, and breathable. Change them frequently, and dry the changed underwear in the sun.

2. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. Blood is the best culture medium for bacteria. At the same time, women's resistance is weak during the physiological period, which is easy to cause infection. First, pay attention to the hygiene of external genitalia. Sexual intercourse is prohibited during menstruation.

During menstruation, the endometrial peeling of the uterine cavity will form a traumatic surface on surface. If sexual life occurs, it is easy to introduce bacteria, which will retrograde upward and enter the uterine cavity, causing infection in the uterus.

3. Keep warm and avoid cold stimulation. Avoid overwork. Do not eat cold, sour, spicy, and salty food, drink more boiled water, not strong tea and coffee, and keep your stool smooth.

4. Don't beat your back too hard. Although it is easy to have back pain during menstruation, it is not allowed to knock at will, further congest the pelvic cavity and cause excessive or prolonged menstruation.

Private maintenance for 25-35 years old

Women at this stage are in the golden age of childbirth and pay special attention to restoring privacy after birth. Childbirth causes significant damage to the female pelvic region. During pregnancy, a woman's uterus will expand to 50 times its original size, and after delivery, it will return to the size of an egg.

The rapid contraction of folds and residues in the posterior vault of unclean tissues in private places will cause health problems such as gynecological inflammation. The pelvic floor muscle relaxation caused by excessive pressure and traction during labor will lead to stress urinary incontinence if it is mild. A sneeze may cause urinary incontinence and even prolapse of the uterus and other organs.

Private maintenance for 35-40 years old

After the age of 35, women begin to accelerate their aging. When they were young, their neglect of physiological maintenance led to a long-term imbalance of endocrine. Dullness, chloasma, and wrinkles become apparent. The damage of childbirth, figure walking, gynecological health, and so on pile up. The pelvic floor leaks loose, the small abdomen protrudes, gynecological inflammation repeatedly, the color of the private parts is aggravated, the lower limbs are hypertrophic and edematous, the couple's life is not harmonious, the private parts are dry, burning and other problems occur from time to time.

Women who are about to enter menopause should pay attention to the maintenance of their privacy. The aging of private parts makes the immunity of private functions decline rapidly, and women are prone to gynecological inflammation. Long-term recurrent gynecological inflammation seriously affects women's daily life and their health. Pruritus, peculiar smell, and pain are the hidden problems of many women. Chronic inflammation will also harm women's cervix and become a high-level factor of cervical cancer.

Regular gynecological examination is even more important for women than routine physical examination. Now many women's private care institutions provide special gynecological examination services. Most gynecological diseases can be found when examined so that they can take active treatment in time. At this time, the condition is not very serious. As long as timely treatment is provided, the disease can be cured.

Once the disease is not treated in time and affects fertility, the gains outweigh the losses. For treating some gynecological conditions affecting fertility, such as endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, and pelvic inflammation, the Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, can help solve this problem.

Private maintenance after the age of 45

For women in this age group, private maintenance focuses on alleviating menopause. If you have the following reactions: dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, sweating, fear of cold, vibration, fatigue, insomnia, lumbago, frequent urination, diarrhea, constipation, lack of concentration, irritability, anxiety, depression, it may be the symptoms of menopause.

Menopause is due to the reduction of estrogen secretion in the body, which accelerates the loss of bone. Long-term lack of exercise, excessive pressure accumulation, and unbalanced nutrition may aggravate menopausal symptoms.

Keep an optimistic and happy mood. A good attitude can improve and coordinate the excitement of the cerebral cortex and nervous system, give full play to physical potential, and make people full of spirit, energy, appetite, sleep stability, and vitality. It is incredibly beneficial to improving disease resistance, promoting health, and adapting to the changes of menopause. Women should not neglect to decorate themselves properly. Good appearance, manners, and demeanor will make people feel more confident and full of confidence.

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