Weight control from always was one of the main people’s problems. There are so many standards that are appointing the ideal weight and people are always in a fight with the food, with intention to be slimmer. Besides this trend to be fit, people like to be slimmer for reason to be healthier, but in any case, loosing weight or maintaining it is one of the most current things in this modern way of living.

People often think that they are not capable to loose their weight or that they can’t keep the weight from their dreams, even if they have reach it in some point of their life. The true is that the biggest enemy of loosing weight is loosing the motivation, that’s why here are some suggestions how to stay motivated in loosing weight. Keep it in mind and this makeover games will be successful, be prepared to meet the new you.

Reward yourself for every success in the process of slimming down, for every five pound loss, for example. The reward should be non – food reward, give yourself something that you always wanted, buy yourself some interesting book or do something intangible – look old movies whole afternoon or make yourself bubble bath with candles. The point is to correlate reaching your goals with a pleasurable experience and this kind of treat will keep you going.

Another important thing is to track your progress and portions so make a food diary, write it on your computer or in a notebook but be sure that you’ll write down all the changes that have appeared to your body and what caused this changes – for example how big was your portion before and how is it now. Track your weight as well, your measurements, or BMI - keeping an eye on your progress will keep you motivated and you won’t revert to your old habits.

Face with emotional eating, that is one of the most important things if you want to succeed. If you are honest with yourself, you are going to be able to realize the causes for your overeating. If you know that you overeat when you're angry, you‘ll be able to control it.

While you are in the process of loosing weight and maintaining diet, always will be people around you that will encourage you to break the habits you are trying to establish. Be open with this people and tell them what is most important for you in this moment, there is no reason to be polite with them. Also try to avoid meetings where friends and family correlate enjoying time with you to eating with you. Be initiator of some activity that does not include eating.

And the last but very important thing. Looking good is a nice thing but most important thing is being healthy. By maintaining a healthier weight, you are more likely to live a longer life with fewer medical problems. Looking handsome is one thing that will make you happy but healthier life is the ultimate reward.

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