Women body is lot more different than their male counterparts and also functions a little differently. This is one prime reason why women are also exposed to diseases, infections, allergies that are not found in males around the world. Vaginal infection is one such ailment that is no exception to this statement. Though vaginal infection is treated as a common ailment that most women around the world must have encountered at least once in their life but overlooking it can damage the health of the affected women. Vaginal infection is not incurable but it takes time but if a woman is aware about it than it is very easy to avoid getting vaginal infections.

It is said that “precaution is better than cure” and it is quite the similar case in vaginal infections. The lack of awareness among women mostly related to personal hygiene is the prime reason behind developing vaginal infections. Vagina has a tendency to discharge and it is completely normal for a woman to discharge but the discharge must be clear, a little bit cloudy or white sometimes. Vagina cleans itself and discharge is a part of this cleaning process. But you should immediately seek a doctor help when your discharge is itchy or has a strong smell.

There are certain symptoms that clearly show existence of vaginal infections. It is very necessary to understand the reasons why it happens before straight away taking the topic to discuss about avoiding vaginal infection.

1. If you notice abnormal discharge like a cottage cheese you may have yeast infection while if your vagina smells fishy it is probably because of bacterial infection. Besides this, abnormal discharge signals that you may have chlamydia or gonorrhea or if the discharge is greenish or frothy you may have trichomoniasis.

2. If you notice burning or itching of vagina it is not normal because having a burning sensation or an increased urge to pee is a sign of vaginal infection.

3. If you notice pain or swelling in pelvic area or lower abdomen, soreness or redness around your genital then you may have vaginal infection.

Now coming to the main point of how you can avoid vaginal infection which is briefly elaborated on DVHC here are the points:

Wear Cotton Underwear: Cotton soaks moisture better and curb the yeast development. So make sure your underwear must have crotch area made up of cotton.

Proper Personal Hygiene: Your hygiene as said above is the prime factor that can save you from vaginal infection. Use gentle soap with adequate pH. Wash or clean the vagina after using toilet. Adding perfumes to water in bath tub must be avoided and using scented tampons should not be used.

Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes: You may have the urge to show your well sculpted body but it can result into vaginal infection because wearing tight clothes produces warm and humid environment the ideal condition for bacteria to thrive.

Develop a habit of keeping you genital dry: Always try to keep your intimate area dry and don’t let moisture or humidity to develop.

Avoid using vaginal douches: Don’t try to be more hygienic because some women have the habit of washing the inside of their vagina with some liquid which generally destroys the “good” bacteria and lead to vaginal infections.

Maintain a good diet: Your diet plays an important part in your fight against the vaginal infection. If you have a bad diet which includes sugar, alcohol with lots of stress than you are more prone to vaginal infection than women with balanced diet. Drinking more water, consuming fruits, vegetables, juices, yogurt should be a part of your diet.

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