My grandfather had a really vivid imagination and whenever he would babysit for my parents, he would play a little good-night game with my brother and I. I loved this little ritual and was eager to go rushing off to bed, to wait for my grandfather to come tuck me in. He would sit with my brother and I, for a few minutes, listen intently to our triumphs and tragedies of the day. Once he had said his final goodnight, he would walk over to the wall, by the door, and lean up against the light switch. He would then magically blow out the light in our room, like the candles on a birthday cake.

As he completed his special ritual, he would tell my brother and I that now the whole world would be dark and safe, until we were ready to wake up the next day. As he slipped away he would tell us that the only world we know is the one we see through our own eyes and that my brother and I should keep our own internal light really bright and use that brightness to see the wonderful world, which awaited us the next day.

I loved it when my grandfather looked after us as children and would lie there in bed after he had left and try to understand what he meant, with his parting words. It was really comforting to know that the whole world waited for me to wake up, before going about its business every day. I realised as I grew up, that what he was really trying to share with my brother and I, was a concept about the wondrous world we live in. He wanted to show us that the world was a beautiful place and how our world unfolded every day was up to us.

Don’t Worry be Happy
When I went to sleep at night, there was no point worrying about what had happened that day or may not even happen the next day. I learned that when you sleep, it is time to rest, feel safe, and recharge your batteries. If I woke up lethargic, disinterested and unhappy that is how my day would unfold and if I woke up happy and eager to tackle another wonderful day, wonderful things would happen. I loved the security this way of thinking gave me. I soon realised that if I woke up happy, energised and eager to tackle another wonderful day that is what I would get that day and every day.

Since my early childhood, I have gone to sleep, thinking about all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for in my life and focused all my energy on what is working, rather than on the challenges I may be facing at the time. This has allowed me to sleep really well every night, recharge my batteries and be ready for another great day. I have always woken up and eagerly got out of bed every day, energised and passionate about the wonders the day holds for me.

Activation Energy
I refer to this energetic start to my day as my daily activation energy. The way I start my day every morning, sets the tone for how my day unfold. The more energised and the more empowered I am in the morning, eager to tackle another great day. Grateful for the health and vigour I possess, the more often my day unfolds just the way I want it to.

I am by no means saying that I do not encounter any challenges. Quite the contrary, I still have setbacks, encounter roadblocks and challenges, as I travel through each day. The difference is that, as I am energised, focused and positive throughout the day, I am able to take any challenge that comes my way and more easily overcome it.

The way your Day Unfolds, Depends on you
I think the greatest lesson my grandfather was trying to teach my brother and I, with his little light show, was that the way your world turns out every day is 100 % up to you and the attitude you project to the world. It does not matter what is going on in your world, all that matters is how willing you are to tackle and overcome each challenge, which comes your way. It is not what happens to you that matters. It is how you respond to what happens to you that will ultimately decide how your life will turn out.

Your Glass is Half Full
Stop looking at your world and seeing it as though your glass is half empty, be grateful for all the wonders in your world and see everything from an energised and empowered standpoint. See your glass as half full, now just do what it takes, every day, to fill it to the brim. Life really is amazing, filled with magic and wonder, if you are willing to search and see.

The ugliness or wondrous beauty all around you, is yours to behold. If you see through eyes of constant want and need, that is how you will live your life. On the other hand if you choose to see through eyes of abundance and live your life from a position of gratitude and abundance, that is how your life will unfold. Make the choice today, for what you think about, you will most surely bring about.

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