Stress is a choice; you can either welcome it in your life and live with it or do a little extra effort to keep it away from your personal and work life. In this article, I am going to share certain tips for beating stress while being at home or in office.

Stress Beating Efforts At Office:

We always tend to look forward to instant quick fixes that can quickly lift your mood, isn't it? If so, here are certain tricks & practices, adopting which can help you cope with stress at workplace.

5 Ways You Can Beat Stress At Your Office:

Smile: You feel what you signal your mind to feel about. So, to trick your mind and convince it that you are happy is not difficult. Take five minutes random breaks from work to appreciate someone and make him smile because research says happiness is infectious.

Clear off the clutter from the desk: Swipe away negativity from your workstation by clearing the workspace. For a change, you can even give the mini makeover to your desk.

Make Friends at work: To vent out all your work frustration, find solutions to minor or major work issues, or even concentrate on work commitments, you always need friends to lighten up your mood.

Never let your water bottle feel lonely : By keeping yourself rehydrated, you can stay away from mood swings. Because studies say that even mild dehydration can negatively impact your mood, so always keep your water bottle handy and drink often.

Learn new skills: Learning benefits a person in tremendous ways. If you learn new skill, it can improve your work memory, verbal intelligence, as well as language skills.

Stress Beating Efforts At Home:

Doing an 8 or 9 hours shift in office in itself is hectic. By the time weekend comes, one got completely exhausted and left with no energy to do the routine work as well. Nobody loves this situation, so one way to beat it is by adopting a morning yoga routine. There are certain yoga poses, doing which can help you stay energetic and full of liveliness even after a hoard of work at an office.

Morning Exercises To Cope Stress At Work:

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog): This asana helps in beating anxiety & relaxing the mind.

What you have to do: Stand straight and inverting your body in V position with hands outstretched in front (fingers grounded on the floor & pointed forward), hips raised, and feet grounded (hips width apart). Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds while breathing in & out calmly.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose): This asana relaxes back and chests muscles.

What you have to do: Stand straight with feet hips-width apart. Slowly take the hands over the head, keeping palms forward-facing. Breathe in deeply and gently bend your body backwards. +

Balasana (Child's Pose): This asana makes you stress-free as a child

What to do: Kneel down on the floor with knees hip-width apart. Exhale and lay the torso between the thighs and bring the forehead down while resting the arms alongside (palms up).

Other than this asana, practice exhaling & inhaling deeply for few seconds, as this will help your mind fight stress. Adopting these minor habits can perfectly help you in coping with stress at workplace.

Author's Bio: 

Supriya Nigam is a Copywriter and Digital Marketing Analyst in Career Builder India. Her primary areas of interest are Employer branding, careers, recruitment trends and digital marketing. Also, an avid Yoga practitioner.