Window clings are used everywhere these days. It starts from your room windows to vehicle windows. To come to the point, they are used in all smooth surfaces to enhance the good looks of the area. First of all, you can avail them in premade forms. The truth is that, if you search for one, then you can find a huge variety of popular pre designed clings at your disposal. But on the other hand, you can design them using your innovative and intuitive abilities. However, it requires a bit knowledge and expertise to make it look professional and sophisticated. What are the things you have to consider designing a mind-blowing window cling? Let us talk about it!

Color Theme

Color theme must be the first concern as it has to do a lot with the overall look of the cling. Also, selecting a color depends on the purpose you have. For an interior decoration it is always better to choose the colors which are pleasing to the eyes. Purple and other creative colors are a must for home windows. This is all about creating a peaceful ambience inside your home. But if your purpose is business, then bold colors are indeed necessities because it is all about drawing quick attention of the folk!

Text/Image Designing

Designing the text for your window cling is a task which actually requires your focused attention. No matter, which place you want to apply them, it is all about you make it visible and clear. As you know if you have selected a light backdrop, you ought to put a loud text color and vice versa. The same rule is applicable in designing images also. Make sure that you have utilized professional fonts and images for you cling if it is a business purpose. On the contrary, make it as a complete creative attempt for a home window.

Simplicity and clarity

Why you need to put emphasize on the word “simplicity”? Well, it certainly a prerequisite. You have many graphic and text design tools out there and it does not mean that you utilize all of them to design your window cling. Keep it simple as much as you can because nobody wants to look at a cluttered design as people do not possess much patience these days. However, you can go for a much intrigued design if it is a home utility purpose but only if you have the confidence of making it creatively upbeat!

For advertisement, you need to make certain that the fonts you have used are bigger and can be easily read from a distance. Also give a clear visibility to the logo so that you purpose of putting them will be fulfilled. These are a few tips you can use if you plan to design a window cling and if you strictly follow them, you will never be disappointed!

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