Do you know Windshields account for over 30% of all the auto insurance claims in the United States? With more than 14 million windshield replacements performed each year.

Further with the rising statistics, as a car owner, you must have a basic understanding of windshield replacement, in case of unfavorable events, involving the windscreen, you are aware of your options as well as the necessary measures and steps to take. Also, you can consult the Auto window regulator near me for professional assistance.

Some Factors to Consider that Can Help to Make Decision

    1. The Size of Damage:

This factor can tell you a lot whether you require a windshield replacement or merely a repair. As a general guideline, if you notice three or more hairline cracks in your windshield, it's time to replace it.

If the crack is wider and the depth is deep enough to travel halfway through or more into the windshield, the same option is recommended.

If the length of the crack is smaller than an inch, it can be repaired with a windshield repair kit.

However, if the crack is more than an inch in length, then car door glass replacement is recommended. You can contact the Auto window regulator near me for further proceedings.

    2. Location of the Chip:

Here's another factor that is as important as the above one. If the crack is located anywhere on the outer border of the windshield, even if it is only one and the length is comparatively less, a replacement is recommended.

After the constant exposure to the wind during high-speed driving, cracks on the glass can expand quickly, endangering the structural integrity of the windshield and creating heath dangers to the car occupants.

If the chip or crack is in the driver's line of sight, then the same precautions must be taken.

3. If the chip is shorter than 12", it can be repaired. And if the crack has a diameter of more than 14", it needs to be replaced.

4. If the crack is only in the outer layer, it can be repaired. But if both the windshield layers are damaged, it needs to be replaced. The driver's visibility should not be impaired after a car door glass or windshield repair. Or it will need to be replaced right away.

Types of windshield cracks:

    1. Bull's Eye crack

    2. Star crack

    3. Combination break

    4. Edge crack

    5. Floater crack

    6. Half moon crack

    7. Stress Crack
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Windshield issues are a typical occurrence in car ownership. While the costs can be high, if you have insurance or full glass coverage, the car door glass or windshield replacement should be easy. Once you have made the decision, the next step is to contact the Auto window regulator near me to replace the windshield.