There are many people we trust in life but once that trust is broken how can we trust again? To be honest I am not sure we can but in different types of relationships there are different levels of trust. If a partner lies to you and you find out how do we deal with that? If adultery is the trust breaker how do we get beyond that? If a close friend betrays a confidence can we overlook it? If one of your children deceives you that is one we can get over but if they steal from you then that is completely different yet again.

I found that it is one of the hardest things I had to cope with was finding out my spouse not only lied about all his life facts but also committed adultery and then left without me even knowing he had. All the facts came out hours and days later and I felt I did not even really know him as nothing I believed to be his truth was real. Once people were aware he was gone then were only too happy to come forward and tell me stories but my question was "Why wait and not tell me before?" The truth was I would not have believed them and they knew it so waited for this to happen and then were there to comfort me.

That was a hard lesson to have but truth be told everything that has happened in my life has had a lesson to be learnt and as the years go by I have taken those lessons and seen that I can use them to my benefit thankfully. Years have passed and if I am lucky enough to meet someone else then I will trust again because if you don't take the chance what benefits would you get from all the lessons? Next time though I will be more aware and probably look for the signs rather than have my love goggles on.

Other trust issues can arise when you have a really close friend that you feel you can share everything with and then out of the blue someone tells you that one of the most personal things that you shared with that friend has become public knowledge. That to me is a betrayal and from that one I can't come back. Even if it is a friend from years ago I can forgive but never forget because to me a good friendship is of the utmost value and I don't think I could trust that person again. I would hold the friendship but never trust with my whole heart so would change the dynamics quite a bit.

One of my daughters has always been deceitful I am ashamed to say but as a teen presented me with so many problems with the deceit and lies. She stole from me many times and thankfully finally grew up. She did pay back all the money she took but even now twenty five years on I don't trust her 100% and never leave anything that could tempt her. Her main problem was when she lied she believed what she said so much that the lie became her truth.

The only thing I have ever had that I trust more than anything and that has never let me down, I know that it may sound silly, after reading the rest of my article, but it is my Hunter ceiling fans. Always there when I need calm and quiet time. They just run silently in the background and can be relied on 24/7.

I have been through so much in my life so it seems weird to say that my fans with remotes are really my best friends but they are. They are there for me day and night, never argue with me, will never cheat or steal from me so all in all to me they are perfect.

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