I have published a new self-help workbook called: Transforming Difficulties into Triumphs in 30 Days. A Story-Based Workbook. In this workbook, you can go through daily ways to overcome your life difficulties. Each day there is a story, lesson, and small action on discovering meaning, practicing mindfulness and self-compassion, among other courses of action that you can take. According to Viktor Frankl, we can discover meaning in three ways:

Creativity (creative values), or giving something to the world through self- expression,
• Experiencing (experiential values) the world by interacting authentically with our environment and with others, and through love
• Changing our attitude (attitudinal values) when we are faced with a situation or circumstance that we cannot change.

For example, in Day 1, This Too Shall Pass, I share a personal story about overcoming a major life difficulty, a divorce:
“…I looked around at what was left of my married life. The empty room echoed as I absorbed the end of a relationship, the end of a home and the chaos around me…”
I then explain how I overcame this life challenge, providing you with ways to overcome yours, keeping in mind the:
“…thought in that moment of the proverb ‘this too shall pass’… “
I then give you specific actions that you can take to overcome your difficulty.

In Day 2, Finding Something to Live for is Critical, I relate the story of Nelson Mandela, and how he overcame the suffering of 27 years in prison. I then encourage you to:
“…Think about your own “why”. What is it that makes your own life worth living right now? Write down your thoughts…”

In Day 3, The Question of Meaning in Life, we talk about how some people in the stories of Viktor Frankl, deepened their spiritual lives in the concentration camps. He said that each person has their own unique mission to carry out, something that demands fulfillment. In this sense, no person can be replaced. Viktor Frankl says life questions us about our meaning, which we can only know moment by moment as we are challenged by life. We then talk about things in your life that you find most meaningful and that are things that you can still achieve.

In Day 4, Love Can Come to the Rescue, we hear about the love which Viktor Frankl had for his wife and in his words: “…the salvation of man is in love and through love.” You are then encouraged to: Think about your experiences of the value of what is loving, beautiful and true. How do you experience this love, beauty and truth in your life? When feeling despair, you are encouraged to reflect on this love, beauty or truth.

In Day 5, Putting your Focus on a Project, we focus on a story highlighting difficult times and how by putting your focus on something, like a project that you can achieve, as you find yourself focusing on and engaging in this project, or these projects, your mind does not have the opportunity to dwell on your situation, no matter how hard it may be.

To discover your meaning in difficult times or life transitions, contact me.

Author's Bio: 

I am a personal meaning and mindfulness coach, eTutor and teacher, currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. My interests range from mindfulness meditation to discovering meaning and purpose, Viktor Frankl, and compassion. I am engaged in a PHD study on mindfulness and discovering meaning, with trauma sufferers. I equip individuals to overcome challenges and life difficulties, guiding them to greater fulfillment and enrichment in their work and personal lives. My work is designed to help others reduce their stress through meditation and mindfulness. I am a long-time trainer, lecturer, and business soft skills coach, focusing on: Train the Trainer, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Diversity, and Achieving Consensus, among other topics. I am a university etutor for training teachers in Life Orientation and Adult Basic Education.

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