Some numerologists analyze the personality according to the result of the sum of the vowels of the name and define it as the soul urge number. It reveals the characteristics acquired over the past lives. From them, it is possible to know how old experiences can influence attitudes in the present. To calculate your soul urge number, you can use soul urge calculator, or you need to add the value of all the vowels in your name, according to the following order: 


1 5 9 6 3 7



Name Vowels: 

A - I - A - E - O - U - A

1 + 9 + 1 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 1

= 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

Maria de Souza's soul urge number is 8.

Easy, right? Now calculate yours and check the meaning.

Learn the meaning of the soul urge number 

1- Throughout your lives, you have managed to develop your ability to lead and take initiatives. Because of his individualistic way, he does not usually accept the opinions of others and, mainly, impositions. Has the determination to pursue all your goals. You are the creator, and you love news, especially if you are responsible for them. Use your inner strength, as it will help you take initiatives and lead projects. Be careful not to think that your ideas are always right.


2- You have acquired the ability to find solutions to problems throughout your past lives. One of your goals is to maintain harmony everywhere. Because of this, it can analyze the situations reasonably and clearly. Among its virtues is the ability to give advice. So, it is sought after by those who need help. Take advantage of your ability to relate well and handle delicate situations to be successful. Don't let insecurity get in the way of your life.


3- In his other existences, he learned not to be discouraged when faced with difficulties and always see the positive side of things. Therefore, joy and optimism are striking features of your soul. For you, it is also essential to always make those around you happy and do so, using your power of communication and creativity. Always maintain your good mood and optimism to reach your goals. Be careful with lies and superficiality: avoid gossip and defend the truth.


4- Your experiences have allowed you to become more practical and positive. Concentrates strength to overcome all obstacles instead of regretting or overthinking about the consequences. In everything she does, she is usually very organized, as well as demanding and perfectionist. Its efficiency ensures that it almost always reaps excellent results. Furthermore, it does not enter into risky projects. You are not afraid of hard work and are very hardworking. But it would be best if you learned to deal better with situations that involve accusations and jealousy.


5- Their past lives have strengthened their desire for freedom. For you, it is essential to make your own decisions and not allow others to interfere with your resolutions. Nor does he easily accept the routine, always preferring the different and unusual. Your curious way always makes you explore original ideas and new places, without fear of what may happen. The talents developed in their lives are many and well-diversified. But, avoid addictions and irresponsible attitudes.


6- The experiences you have had in other lives have sharpened your sense of responsibility, and this quality stands out mainly in the family environment. Among its characteristics are fidelity in the affective relationship and total dedication to those you love. Your sensitivity makes you always encourage peace between loved ones. Through your actions and your way of being, you contribute to maintaining harmony and justice. However, pay attention not to become possessive.


7- Wisdom and justice were the characteristics that you accumulated in your incarnations. Therefore, whenever you need to take action, analyze the facts thoroughly and listen to all opinions so as not to judge wrong or be too rigid. Your spirituality is powerful. She likes to reflect on reality and events and sometimes prefers to be alone with her thoughts. Avoid isolating yourself too much or let sadness mistreat your heart. Express your emotions and let people participate in your life.


8- You have developed discipline, intelligence and efficiency. These qualities make you an outstanding and determined person, ready to face all challenges and achieve your goals, especially in the professional sector. Ambition and good observation help you a lot, and your physical vitality also contributes to personal success. Abuse your willingness and leadership skills, but don't be so picky with yourself and others. Appreciate humility and escape from excessive ambition.


9- Throughout your lives, you have become even more generous, because you have developed your humanitarian side, which makes you always put the wishes of others above your own. That is why you tend to defend your community and those close to you with tooth and nail. She is a faithful friend and a good companion, always preferring solid relationships. Explore your talents and your enormous creativity. Just be careful that emotions and sensitivity do not get in the way or hinder your success.

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