How Can You Fix A Marriage After An Emotional Affair: How To Deal With Emotional Cheating - Coping With Emotional Affairs And Inappropriate Talk

Couples often wonder how can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair especially if much damage has already been done to the marriage?

Can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair with just a simple "I'm sorry?"

It may be a good start but it's certainly not enough. An affair in a marriage, even after it's already been ended, will always leave a scar. Saying sorry can help, however a marriage that has gone through so much pain because of an emotional affair needs more than that.

Time is also essential in letting wounds heal. How can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair if you won't give it time? Wounds from an emotional affair are harder to heal and letting time take part in the healing process can help tons.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Seeking help from marriage counselors can sometimes also beneficial. But can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair without any help from others? Surely you can do it on your own, but it's harder with NO help at all. Even if you say you can, you will still be needing help from individuals who have enough knowledge and expertise when it comes to such matters.

The good thing is that you can definitely find those people in other places.

According to surveys, most individuals have their answer as "no" to the question "can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair". However there are also a number of individuals who believe that everyone deserves a second chance and thereby answer "yes" to the same question.

For others who answered no to the question "can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair" and are no longer willing to try fixing it again can have the right to do so as well. If one or both of the spouses are no longer willing to bring back the trust that had been lost then nothing more can be done except to respect each other's decision top split up. However doing that can often have the terrible consequence of regret and regret can actually take much longer to heal than getting over the emotional affair.

That decision has to be made logically and by YOU and you alone.

Married life is never an all-joyride trip.

Problems such as emotional affairs are very common and can happen to most marriages and question of whether or not the marriage can be saved is asked more often than you might think.

The good thing is that tons and tons of people actually get through it and can end up with a better relationship than they had in the first place.

For couples who are facing such problem, dealing with questions such as "can you fix a marriage after an emotional affair" may take more than courage, however if both are willing to give it another try, then everyone involved can start anew.

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Have you ever had someone offer you some marital advice that was so bizarre that you thought someone was playing a practical joke on you? Sometimes marriage advice is so awful that it makes you wonder if the person providing the advice wants to see your marriage fail.

Some Marital Advice You Should Ignore

• Take separate vacations because you need some time apart. I know you are thinking "that doesn't sound like a bad idea to get away for a week and enjoy a private vacation". Well, it's a bad idea in my opinion because the risk out weigh the rewards,

• Maintain your close circle of friends and carve out time to hang out with them, when you never make time or plans to hang out with your spouse.

• Spend the money you earn as you see fit.

• Keep in-touch with an ex lover so that you have someone to fall back to if things don't work out.

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Some Marital Advice You Should Consider

• Putting your spouse's interest ahead of yours. One of the challenges that couples experience in their marriage is balancing what they want versus what their spouse needs. A simple example would be a spouse who lets his or her marriage fall apart while pursuing the dream of climbing the corporate ladder. If the person isn't careful he or she will get to the top but might have lost their spouse and family along the way.

• Make your spouse feel appreciated. There are far too many marriages where one or both spouses fail to show appreciation towards their spouse. It is great to say "I love you" or "I'm thankful that you are my spouse". However, showing how much you appreciate your spouse by your actions means so much more. In my experience words go in one ear and out the other. However, kind deeds and deliberate actions touch the heart and are remembered a lot longer.

• Apologize the right way when you blow it. Since none of us are perfect we tend to stumble and fall every now and then in our marriage. It's not a matter of if you will mess up it's when and how big will it be. It is important to understand how what you did makes your spouse feel and why its important for you to apologize. It's not good to just say the words but also from your heart be able to show that you will try to not make the same mistake again.

Marriage advice is definitely something that all couples can use from time to time. Please don't feel like you have failed just because you need help. You will only truly fail if you don't seek out any marital advice at all.

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Some marriages sail for divorce island, to borrow a wonderful metaphor, and they may tend that way no matter what you do to stop it. When marriages head for Divorce Island, it can feel like both people are on an island alone during their divorce. In order to get back to the mainland and stay married, one of you needs to admit that you want to fix, and then half the problem is fixed. The next step is to find the right marriage advice and stick to it. You need to sift through the bad advice to get to the good, but a lot of progress can be made when you do get to that positive advice. It is imperative that this right advice is instantly transmitted to you in this article so you can come to the correct conclusion immediately.

Most people's natural reaction when they don't feel the burning flame of their partner's former love is to blame them. Blaming tends to stop the fire even more. Don't blame your spouse whatsoever during this time and stop nitpicking at any thing he or she is doing. Don't pinpoint the wrong things that your spouse is doing. Instead, pick out the right things and be supportive. This is a more advantageous approach than always pointing out the obvious, because it may only be obvious to you, and it will annoy your partner. Try to do a series of small things like chores for them that make them feel as if they're being appreciated in a meaningful way.

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Communication is the key to fixing a marriage, but it can also do more harm than good. Communication doesn't come out to you sitting down with your spouse and pointing out every little error they are doing. This can exacerbate the problems and lead to more fights. It is necessary to separate the main issues from the minor ones. Pointing out small problems won't solve critical issues. It may be necessary to point out little issues in your partner's behavior that would seem irritating to you, but your partner may see this as an attempt to merely point out his problems for your own gratification. Just simply tell your husband that you are feeling a certain way about big issues and don't harp and pine on them. Bring them up once, and then move on. Don't irritate your husband by bringing up the big issues over and over again. Even if the issues are important, it is still no excuse. Elucidate the issues in a clear and nice way.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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Is my marriage over? You hate that you even have to consider this question right now. Somewhere along the way your relationship with your spouse went from satisfying and comforting to strained and confusing. You seriously don't know what to do anymore. You love them but you're growing weary of all the conflict and tension between the two of you. Marriage isn't easy and unfortunately we don't fully grasp that concept before we take our vows. If you're feeling unsure about what your future holds, don't be too quick to jump on the divorce wagon. When a couple still feels love for one another they owe it to themselves and their family to try and rebuild the relationship one last time.

When you're asking yourself the question, "is my marriage over," consider what your life would be like if your spouse wasn't there anymore. The idea of divorce or separation can be terribly appealing until you realize that it means you won't share any time with your spouse in the future. You can't talk to them about decisions you'll be making and they won't be there to add friendship and companionship to your life. Also, think long and hard about how you feel about the idea of your spouse falling in love and building a life with another person. If any of this causes you emotional pain, leaving your marriage may not be what you need right now.

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Sometimes a couple reaches a point where they feel their marriage is over because they just don't communicate about anything of substance anymore. All they talk about is the necessities. Things like what the children need or if the bills are paid monopolize their conversations. They never address what each other is feeling and over time it becomes harder and harder to re-introduce those things back into the conversations. Making an effort to talk about the relationship and what's happening with it can start a couple back on the path towards reconnecting.

Before you throw in the white flag of defeat on your marriage, consider giving it one last try. Talk to your spouse about what you feel you two need to work on and express why you believe the marriage is worth saving. You may be surprised to learn that they feel exactly the same way about the future as you do and you can then both work harder at rebuilding the bond and creating an even more satisfying marriage than you've had in the past.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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