Wishfin is the first official TransUnion CIBIL partner that provides you an official score of yours. Their mission is to help customers and make responsible financial decisions. You can maintain your score with the help of online checking system.

You have various option to check own record and try to control it if there's an issue. Through credit score instant checklist, you can save to drag in defaulter list. For that, you have to visit the official site or either login CIBIL Score site and instantly check it. All you need to do is enter your details step by step. You have to fill your name as per PAN, PAN number, date of birth, gender, proper current-permanent address, registered email ID and mobile number. After filling your whole details, Wishfin credit score can keep your information secret. Then they can verify all information and share your score on registered email ID.

Do you know the range? The range starts from 300 to 900 and by RBI role you have to check your points in 6 months so that more chances to recover it immediately. If you can get, 300 scores then without any decision it means you are in reject list. 400 to 500 is better than first one, but no chance to get anything. 550 to 600 you have a chance to start paying bills and repayment on time. They can already divide that less than 650 points mean you are in danger and automatically in reject list. That’s why need to check own points on the official site. When they can calculate your points 750 to 800, then the lenders are ready to give you instant approval. 850 to 900 is the highest points on a scoreboard. It shows you are a responsible person and make all payments on time without any late fee charges.

What Will You Do, If Your Verification Become Fail?

There are so many reasons to get a rejection in verification, that’s why while you can enter the information that time should be calm. Make sure your shared email ID and mobile number should be registered, enter a name, date of birth as per PAN details. You can log in online site and upload all KYC, personal -employment information then submit. If your filled information doesn't meet the requirement, then you would receive an email or SMS in registered ID asking you to provide relevant documents. Your little observance can save you from verification rejection.

Wishfin credit score indicates their customer to improve scores. However, this helps to know the eligibility for a various way like personal loan, home loan, car loan, cards, etc. Factors like application request, debt settlements, EMI and card repayment track will let customers know their score better. If you can get a higher score then, you can expect to receive a loan at lower rates. That’s the reason you can use online score site and comfortably check online points and start doing changes in yourself.

You can also start following few things such as make payment on-time, keep swipe report, know the utilization of the card, and check credit score on a regular basis. If you can monitor these things regularly, so easily can maintain the points. They can give you various ways to keep noticing and improving the points while using the product. The bank can focus on these things when you can drop an application request. That’s why each point you should keep in mind when preparing yourself to have something for own usage.

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