How often do you think about how closely connected to the earth we really are? Do you think about the impact that man is having on the planet? Are you conscious of how disconnected we have become from the earth that we call home?

The earth is a living, breathing mass of rock that houses every living thing on this planet. She has a self- regulating mechanism that focuses more on the survival of the planet, than how to make human beings comfortable. She has existed for millennia longer than we have and will most likely survive us by as long.

We have developed a very strange way of looking at nature in the developed West. We do not understand that no matter how thick the concrete is underneath our feet, we are still in nature, albeit a compromised version of nature with very little greenery. We think of being in nature as out in the woods, or by the sea, when in fact, we are in it all the time.

We are systematically poisoning the land and the water on planet earth. The land and seas feed us, and we cannot survive without clean drinking water for very long. Does this prevent us from destroying the world that provides for us? It does not. It seems that we are too short-sighted to see that eventually we will be responsible for our own demise if we do not begin to rectify the damage we have done.

This is our home. We have not yet found another planet that we can inhabit comfortably, and until we do, this is the only home we have for now. How can we help her to cope with all the destruction that we have brought on her?

Nuclear power was never a good idea. It has never proven that it provides cheap energy and nor do I suspect will it. War is also not a brilliant idea, a few companies succeed financially well during conflict, thousands lose their lives, environments are destroyed, and what really is won? A hundred years later, most wars seem either pointless, or the land that was being fought over is no longer as important. Destruction of habitat is a painful example of how little we understand the symbiotic relationship that we have with the earth- less trees, more drought, less cultivatable soil to grow crops on, desertification, and much more besides.

We are hell bent on destroying the very planet that we live on as we pursue greed, materialism, power and comfort.

She is now calling to us, and as we are programmed not to be able to hear her, she is in a process of rebalancing her energies so that she can survive. This is what the recent events have been demonstrating- earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, snow, rain, drought, landslides, forest fires, and volcanoes. We are seeing these events happening around the globe and we are being forced to listen as she calls to us.

What can you do to help her? How can you reconnect with her to find out what she needs? What can you give up to lessen her burden? How can you make changes with your shopping so that her resources are no longer plundered? What does she mean to you?

Unless we wake up to how fragile our environment is, and start taking some responsibility for protecting it, our future does not look very bright. It seems that there is a wave of consciousness happening across the planet, and it is important that we begin to act to make changes for the better, wherever we can. Stand up for our planet, she needs you!

Written by Caroline Nettle

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