If you’re not experiencing the success you want in your job search, you’re not alone. This is a tough economy, and combined with the rise of internet job postings, today’s job search is like no other. But: you can absolutely take steps to jumpstart your job search. There’s no reason for you to wait for success.

What should you do to kick your job search into high gear?

Do something drastically different than you’re doing now.

Here are some ideas for you:

Find a career coach. A career coach is the fastest, most effective way for you to find success in your job search. An experienced coach can pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back from your goals by looking at your particular situation, with your unique skills and experience. You can get resume help, role-play interview questions, and get strategies to help you get the offer.

Join a coaching club. There are coaching clubs that will provide you with regular topics that pertain to your job search. You can also find articles and videos online that will add to your knowledge and interview skill sets.

Go crazy with LinkedIn. (Well, not too crazy.) It’s just that LinkedIn is such an amazing resource for you. You can create a profile that will attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters (if you need to, get professional help). You can join groups, participate in discussions, and make connections that will allow you to directly contact hiring managers for interviews.

If you are relying on the same things you’ve always done, or the same things everyone else is doing, then you’re probably not going to get great results. You want to make yourself stand out in the job market, and you want to be smart. Be strategic, and be willing to go the extra mile to land the job you want.

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Peggy McKee has over 15 years of experience in sales, sales management, sales recruiting, and career coaching. Her website, Career Confidential (http://www.career-confidential.com) is packed with job-landing tips and advice as well as the practical, powerful, innovative tools every job seeker needs to be successful.
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