Nothing can beat the craftsmanship of high-quality leather gun holsters, but maintaining them to look great is an important task. Kydex and Nylon gun holsters do not require special attention for maintenance. Premium leather gun holsters can last for decades with proper care. We have listed some of the dos and don't's to help you preserve the leather gun holsters.

What should you do?

• While cleaning your leather gun holsters, use warm water and leather cleaning lotions or glycerin soaps. Washing with warm water cleans all the impurities on the leather while preserving its quality.
• Leather gun holsters need regular cleaning every 3-4 months. If you wash them frequently, the quality of the leather may degrade.
• While cleaning your gun holsters, use a soft towel to avoid unnecessary scratches.
• If your holsters have stubborn stains that don't go away with soft towels, you can use a soft bristle brush to get rid of the dirt.
• Avoid exposing your leather holster to body sweat. Keep a cloth in between you and your holster.
• If your leather holster is wet or soaked up too much moisture, keep it in a dry place to let it dry naturally. Don't use any other means like a blow dryer to dry your leather holster.
• Always store your leather holster in a dry and cool area, away from moisture, and direct sunlight. Keep it inside its box or wrap it with a soft cloth made of cotton.
• If your leather holsters get some minor cosmetic damage, you can wipe it off using baby oil or olive oil with a cotton swab or Q-tip.
• You can also apply rubbing alcohol on your leather holsters to minimize the appearance of scratches. Take a small quantity of alcohol and use it in a circular motion on the damaged part of your holster.

What should you avoid?

• Do not expose your leather holster to direct sunlight or leave it on your car dash for a long time.
• Do not leave your leather gun holsters in closed damp places and small places like the attic, garage, or car trunk.
• Don't keep your leather holsters wet or submerge them in water or other liquid.
• Do not use oiling products like mink oil or Neat's oil because they make the material too soft and cause harm to the molted areas of the leather holster.
• Don't use blow dryers or ovens to dry the wet leather holsters. The unnatural means of drying can damage the quality of the leather and cause wrinkles. Let the material dry through fresh air naturally.
• Do not use laundry machines to clean or dry your leather holsters. The cleaning force of these machines can severely damage the quality of the leather.
• Do not place your leather holster where your dog can reach. Bite marks can severely damage the holster, and sometimes the destruction is irreparable.

These tips can help you maintain your premium leather holsters, and you can use them for generations.

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Leather gun holsters need regular cleaning every 3-4 months. If you wash them frequently, the quality of the leather may degrade.