"Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale." - David Newman

Though often unnoticed because of being a conventional marketing practice, email marketing still holds great potential to drive profound customer engagement. As stated by David Newman, they help businesses indulge into direct, personal communication with clients and market their products. However, planning an objective-oriented email marketing campaign isn’t enough. What’s more important is measuring the success rate of the campaign to understand whether you are going on the right track or not. 

This is the reason why you need to find an email marketing agency in Australia who would not only help you create an effective email marketing strategy but also monitor whether it’s running successfully or not.

Following here we would focus on some major metrics, marketers mostly use while estimating the output of an email marketing strategy.

Email open rate

It is basically the total percentage of audience who has opened the email exhibiting your marketing message. For instance, if you have sent the email to 1000 customers and of that, 300 have opened it, it means the email open rate is 30% which, is considered to be a fair average. Ideally, marketers consider the 20-40% range as an indicator of healthy open rate.

Click through rate

It refers to the percentage of audience who have clicked any image any link within the email. Now, considering the 1000 customers we talked about it earlier, if 200 people among them have opened the link or image then, the campaign is noted to have a 20% click through rate.

Alike the previous metric, the click through rate mostly depend on how much appealing the mail content is and the total number of links you have included in the mail.

Click to Open Rate (CTOR)

This is another metric, which greatly helps marketers to monitor your email content’s effectiveness. It is mainly estimated by dividing the total number of unique clicks by total number of unique opens. Considering the above-mentioned example of 1000 customers, if we divide 200 clicks/300 opens then, the percentage will be 67% approx. This might further fluctuate due to the quality of your content as well.

Now, that you are aware of the most important metrics to measure a campaign, let us find out the effective tactics considered by experts offering professional email marketing services in Australia.

Make it to the point

All of us are pretty occupied with our professional and personal commitments. And so, it’s important for you to draft an email message that’s to the point. Try to structure it in a way so that you can accommodate all the solutions of their needs and offer a complete overview about your offerings. Moreover, it must be supported with relevant links and images.

Make use of innovative content

Email marketing helps marketers to reach audience with customised information, which you can do by including innovative content. By innovative content, we mean delivering a personalised experience to audience on the basis of their email preferences, demographics and data. The more interesting your content is for the reader the more are your chances to get a higher click through rate.

Make it feature a conversion-focussed design

To make your email more persuasive and effective, you must follow a couple of design tips including:

  • Good copy: Your content must be engaging, while emphasising on how your products or services can upgrade the experience of customers.
  • Images: Always make use of high-quality images of products or services in the email as people are more likely to find interest on visually appealing contents.
  • Easy to click: Your email must have easy-to-spot, clever and small Call-to-Actions (CTA) to help your readers find out the clickable links.

Final thoughts

As a business owner, always ask your email marketing agency in Australia to update you about the ongoing progress of your campaign and guide you through the necessary changes to be made in case it doesn’t work. Using valuable email insights will further help you to develop more feasible and business-specific email marketing campaigns in the future as well.

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