There is no doubt that customer service is a priority for businesses today. It is a true brand differentiator. But when you are faced with the daunting task of fielding a huge call volume or customer queries and you are understaffed, it would be wiser to outsource customer service to experience people, for half the cost.

You know it is not easy to set up a team of professional with the best technology, facilities and equipment. Let alone manage it day and day out efficiently. It needs dedicated time, effort, staff and money. In-house customer service involves huge initial investment and a high running cost. It always cheaper and more sensible to outsource support to people who know it best. That way you get high quality support from experienced professionals for a lower cost and greater efficiency.
What must you consider when you are looking for call centre outsourcing services or inbound call centre services providers?

- Experience: How well-versed are they in providing the services you need? What have been their previous projects?

- Costs: How are the charges fixed? Is it based on the kind of project? Or the number or queries handled?

- Services provided: What are the kinds of customer support provided? Is multi-channel support possible? Are the service providers flexible and adaptable?

- Skills quality: Do the provider follow strict quality guidelines? Are the support agents rigorously trained? How many people will you need, and what particular skills must they possess?

- Security: How secure are their services? Is your data protected and monitored?

- Technology: How much and how advanced is the technology you use? Are the service providers capable to handle your technology requirements?

- Governance: How accountable are the service providers? How will they ensure continued efficiency?
With more than a decade’s experience in contact centre support aided by RPA and AI, Phykon has been assisting several brands with efficient and cost-effective customer support. With us, you get the best multi-channel support, 24/7/365 through secure services.

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As an entrepreneur, are you stuck at the crossroads of choosing between growing your business and offering good customer services? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. As a business based in Sydney, Australia, Phykon takes pride in helping local businesses flourish.
And how do we do that? By enabling them to offer excellent customer service 24/7, using a fully trained team of experts to offer outbound and inbound call centre services and call centre outsourcing services.
Our multi-channel AI-enabled contact centre delivers reliable & cost-effective customer support of a global standard. This means you can halve your costs and increase profits, with 100% scalable & secure services!

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