Do you notice that sales through your webshop are falling or stagnating? Then it's time to optimize your e-commerce. In this article Creative Peppers Inc gives you some tips to boost your online sales.

Know what your target group finds important

Look into the minds of your customers: if only it were possible. Yet there are a number of things that almost every online buyer finds important in a web shop. And you can take advantage of this. Just think of:

  • Usability
  • Speed
  • Saved preferences and settings
  • Benefits and rewards
  • Personalization
  • Entertainment

Focus on existing customers

When things go a bit slower, companies quickly think that they have too few customers. Even better than attracting new customers is to use your existing customer base. That is cheaper, less time-consuming and easier.

You should reward loyal customers who have good experiences with your webshop. They contribute to a large extent to the recurring income from your webshop. For example, you can optimize their buying experience and work with loyalty programs.

Generate confidence with your website

Nobody places an order on a website that exudes 'fraud', looks old-fashioned or simply has an ugly design.

To make it clear to your customers that your website is safe, you can place icons from, for example, McAfee Secure. Important: only mention security software that you actually use on your website, otherwise you may end up in legal problems.

Post photos with testimonials

People always look at each other in their search for a product or service. They value the opinions of others because they are more reliable than flat advertising or advertisements.

That is why you should use testimonials. Let customers speak who is satisfied with your webshop and their buying experience. And even better: add a photo of that customer. This generates recognition and trust with potential customers.

Take mobile users into account

Of all people with a smartphone, 40 percent have ever bought something online with their device. Of the younger generation, 63 percent even use a smartphone to shop online. You simply cannot ignore those statistics.

For that reason, you should optimize your webshop for mobile devices. If not, these users surf to competitors who have already taken that step.

Unpack with discounts and promotions

Well, this point speaks for itself. Discounts work like a red rag on a bull. Make the discounts and promotions clear. Use large, thick and colorful characters.

Increase the pressure

Include a few sentences with your top products to increase the pressure. Give customers the impression that they must act quickly. For example '2 items left', 'The last item at this price' or 'Promotion expires at midnight'.

The customer fears that if he does not buy the product now, he might pay more for it later. Almost everyone is sensitive to this because we all want the lowest price.

Accept different payment methods

Give your customers a host of options to pay for your product. If you only accept Visa or MasterCard, you exclude people who would rather not pay with a credit card. And so you may lose many customers.

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