We Homo sapiens are the best creation of Almighty God because what we have achieved since the ancient age is phenomenal. As we progressed amidst the various centuries we did so many things. In the current era also we have achieved so many things that it is stunning to look at from where we started and what we have achieved over the years. But have we achieved enough? Well looking at it from a personal perspective, it is the most vibrant question people ask themselves. It would not be wrong to say that people in the modern era are more self-obsessed and everything comes down to what I have achieved? Have I achieved enough? Why I haven't achieved what I deserve?

The definition of personal development has transformed into achievement criteria. People give respect to others who have achieved something in their life or career? So the question is, is this what we human beings have strived hard for so many centuries that one day we will be so contracted in our thoughts that we will evaluate everything with what we have achieved. If you too evaluate your life based on what you have achieved in your life and what is yet to achieve then my Dear Friend you are missing out on a whole bunch of things.

Your life is not all about what you have achieved because this is the materialistic direction everybody wants to follow. But this is not the true path because if you don't realize what your real-self is, you simply cannot understand the purpose of your life. Just imagine you were born into this world, well this is a blessing from the Almighty God because you could have born as an herbivorous or carnivorous but you are born as a human being the most intelligent species ever had.

Your true achievement is your mental and spiritual growth. Going for the materialistic things can provide you the pleasure of self-contentment but even after achieving so much if you are not satisfied you haven't achieved anything in your life. So the question is how you will realize the real self?

You don't have to do a lot to realize who you are and what your purpose in life is. The first and the foremost thing to do so is to stop comparing yourself with your colleagues or friends or relatives. Simply ignore what they have achieved and what you don't. Listen, my dear friend, you are born into this world not to keep running and show your achievement but to make a mark.

The second thing you have to inculcate to realize your real self is to be satisfied with whatever you have. If you have achieved everything in life and still feel the unsatisfied whole of your life was a lie and if you have achieved a little but you are happy this is what matters the most.

The third way to realize your real self is to ignore everything with a negative vibe. You don't have to answer everybody, you don't have to prove your worth to everybody, you don't have to go beyond your boundaries to please people. Just keep in mind that you are born in this world not to please people but to live a life that you are satisfied with.

Once you will inherit all these qualities you will surely realize your real self and will know running after the materialistic thing is a sheer waste of your precious life.

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