The CPQ software makes it easy for your sales teams to access everything they need to sign their contracts.Implementing a successful CPQ solution has the following five significant advantages for your business:

Streamlined contract procedure: Your sales teams put in a lot of effort to assist leads in reaching the conclusion of the sales pipeline.

It is tragic to watch them disappear as a result of a sluggish sales quote process.

Configure price quote software makes the process easier by making sure that all important data is available and current whenever you need it.You will never need to use the phrase "Let me get back to you" when quoting an accurate price using CPQ.

Accuracy Improvement: You are human, and humans make mistakes.In contrast, your business is not human. You can also choose a business management solution for VARs that comes with a built-in quoting tool.

And while your clients might be willing to overlook a minor mistake made by you, they won't be so quick to overlook pricing mistakes made by your company.76% of consumers stop doing business with a brand after one bad customer experience, according to an Ovum survey.

With online CPQ software, human error is eliminated and every quote is accurate and dependable.

Service that is tailored to each client: You and your business are unique, and neither are your clients.You can give your customers a quote that is tailored to them as individuals rather than as members of some hypothetical target audience with CPQ software.

Sales representatives can create updated quotes in real time when customers want to make changes to their purchase, when discounts apply, or when other factors come into play.Analytics are also a part of this individualized service.Companies that are willing to personalize sales quotes have the consent of more than half of all customers.

Reduced turnaround times: The fact that configure price quote software enables you and your customers to get the most out of their time is perhaps the most obvious benefit. CPQ cuts down on the downtime typically associated with contract creation by automating the quote process.Sales representatives can assist more leads in less time as a result of this.

Aberdeen Group Reports says that businesses that use CPQ software have shorter sales cycles by 28% and a 49% increase in proposal volume per representative per month. This software tool complemented with a B2B eCommerce platform can affect your bottom line.

Maximized sales When taken as a whole, these advantages result in increased sales for companies that make investments in efficient configure price quote solutions. Companies employing CPQ see a 105% increase in average deal size across the industry.

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