Many of us get sick during the flu season, and we try not to expose family members to germs by avoiding them until the illness has passed. However, a caregiver must attend to the needs of a loved one around the clock. Getting sick means the cared-for person may be at risk for getting sick as well. It is especially important for caregivers to do everything possible to say healthy in order to protect a debilitated person under their care. Here are a few things that can be done to thwart the flu bug.

Wash Frequently

Doctors and nurses often recommend that people wash their hands frequently to eliminate germs they’ve picked up on public doorknobs, restroom faucets, and other areas where germs can collect. Washing with antibacterial soap is sometimes suggested, but even plain soap and water or rinsing the hands with water will help. Medical practitioners like to take a shower and change clothes after working in a hospital or doctor’s office to reduce the risk of contaminating family members with germs. Clothes are washed frequently, too. A caregiver may help to control the spread of illness by frequent washing.

Ventilate the Home

Open the windows on good weather days to air out the home, especially rooms used by the caregiver and the loved one being cared for. This simple method was used for centuries to keep a home smelling fresh and clean before invisible germs became understood. Even during the winter months there may be a day when the caregiver and family member can go outside, and this helps to reduce the effect of germs on the body.

Utilize Respite Care

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we get that well-known feeling that the flu is coming on. That is a good time to schedule respite services so that the caregiver can spend some time resting and battling the bug while the cared-for person can avoid catching germs from the caregiver. Respite care may be available for days, weekends, or longer if needed, and it can help both caregivers and aging or debilitated family members who need to take a break.

Live Healthy

The flu season is one of the most important times of the year to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritiously, getting exercise, and staying connected to a support system can give the immune system a boost to help fight off invading germs and illness.

Follow tips like these to stay health and ensure that the person you are taking care of does as well. With minimal effort, you can possibly skip the flu and keep yourself and your patient healthy.

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