Even though most of the carpets come with anti-stain treatment, there are some fluids, like blood stains, makeups, etc. that can annoy you. Getting rid of the blood stains from your carpet is a challenging task as it requires making use of the correct methods and materials. That’s why it’s best to opt for professional carpet cleaning services in Adelaide to get the expected results. The professional cleaning agents never use chlorine or bleaching stuff to get blood out of your carpet, as these might discolour it. Here are the key first aid steps that cleaning services use to remove blood stains from carpets. 

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Wipe up excess blood on the carpet

When the bloodstain is fresh, the professional carpet cleaners make use of non-dyed absorbent paper or dry, white cloth to wipe up the blood. They make sure to avoid rubbing as it might increase the blood stains. This step is more effective when you act fast to call professional carpet cleaners.   

Dissolve the blood stain in lukewarm water

The next step of the carpet cleaning services in Adelaide regarding getting rid of blood stains from the carpet is to apply cold water in it (without washing powder, soap, liquid detergent or any similar agents). It is essential to make use of cold water to prevent blood clotting faster and making the process more easy and effective. 

Applying salt paste

This is another excellent way to get rid of blood stains from carpets. The carpet cleaners mix salt with cold water to form a paste and then apply it to the carpet. They let it dry and after that, they perform proper cleaning using a white cloth. 

Apply potato starch to the stain

After dissolving the blood stain of your carpet in lukewarm, the cleaning services drizzle potato starch on the blood stain and let it dry for a day before vacuuming. These steps are going to be enough to get rid of blood stains from your carpet. But, if you are still unhappy with the results, you can look forward to step 5 for another trick to get rid of blood stains from your carpet. 

Use carpet stain remover on the blood stain

When after applying the above-mentioned steps the blood stains are not completely removed, the carpet cleaners make use of a universal stain removing agent. This is useful to get rid of the deep blood stains and to get the best results, they follow the manufacturer’s instructions written on the product’s packaging. 

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