How to find a good caterer
The best way to find a great caterer is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and neighbours who entertain often who they recommend. Almost everyone knows a great caterer who is known for the interesting food choices, reputation for on-time delivery, fair prices and excellent serving staff.

Why cater?
Catering helps you, the host, concentrate on more important things than the food! Having a caterer is a huge relief. No need to see if guests are hungry, thirsty or restless. The host can attend to socializing, mixing, meeting and introducing. Of course a host will always notice if something is out of order – that goes without saying. But the catering team, if they are qualified, will handle all the sometimes annoying details of throwing a party. Are the canapés hot? Are the guests' drink glasses full? Are the entrees lightly seasoned and how is the main dish coming along? Seating, table setting and other details may also be handled by the catering crew, as well as anticipating the guests' needs before they are verbalized.

Professional menus
There are a variety of professional menus to choose from. If you are having a business luncheon, the host may choose a traditional meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad and dessert. On the other hand, a less expensive and very well received meal could be a pasta dish, salad, and side dish or appetizer along with drink and dessert. There are firms that specialize in great salads, like Greek style, Antipasto, Chef's Salad, Cobb's Salad, and traditional macaroni salad.

Cater, cater, cater...
There is hardly a professional organization out there that doesn't cater. Filming crews often cater meals for their actors and actresses. Most business people prefer to focus on what they are good at – business. Professional caterers are never at a standstill, because there are always new recipes, cooking trends and new methods of food preparation to master. The world of cooking, just like the world we live in, keeps changing and evolving.

More advantages
Catering, like other specialty services, is definitely not a free lunch, but the advantages are too numerous to ignore. No need to shop, plan, clean and prepare the meal being served. No tables to set, no pots or dishes to wash, and no cleanup to bother with afterwards. Using a reputable caterer gives the client peace of mind in knowing that the food is freshly prepared, properly cleaned and hygienically controlled.

A good business manager cannot hope to gain if they are not fully present during an important business function. Networking is the name of the game, and every opportunity needs to be actualized. Those who want to save money often lose, because the time spent in the cooking distraction may cost them much more in the long run insofar as lost communication and business dealings.

A qualified and reputable caterer is worth their weight in gold. These people save the day. Preparing delicious, on the spot meals at the host and guests' convenience, allows executives whose time is money the opportunity to maximize their earning potential.

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