You always see your favourite celebrities strutting about with their adorable dogs either on a leash, or in their bags. Something that you will notice amongst all these dogs are highly trained. If you want your dog to behave the same then don’t worry, we have all the inside tips on how you can train your dog just like the Hollywood celebrities. Since there are so many training methods you come across, it is hard knowing which one is the most effective. This is why we have come up with a list of all the methods that are best for you and your dog to use.

Dominance training

This is essentially playing on the dog’s instinct f sticking to a pack so that they know when to submit when dominated. Dogs normally see themselves as the alpha, however, you as the owner will need to chance and make sure you reinforce you as the alpha. You can do this by things like making sure you are the first one to leave or enter a room, and if they want to eat then they will have to wait patiently before you give them their food.

Positive reinforcement

The theory behind positive reinforcement is that dogs will repeat their good behaviour if they are positive reinforced for it, meaning they are rewarded for it. And when it comes to bad behaviour, it is either negatively reinforced or ignored all together. The idea behind rewarding good behaviour is to give them the treat right after they do taught trick or follow the command. This will enable the dog to link the good behaviour with the reward, and hence, enable repetition. You also need to make sure that the commands are concise such as “sit”, “come”, and “roll over”.

Electronic training

This type of training essentially uses a shock collar for dog training. These are most effective when you want to train the dog from distance such as when you go hunting. The idea behind the shock collar is that it punishes bad behaviour more than it rewards good behaviour. This is used to train professional show dogs by celebrities as they have to go through intensive training. However, it can lead to the dog being stressed and anxious, and we don’t recommend it for the average dog owners because you have to be very careful with how you use the collar.

Relationship based training

This type of training is best for house dogs. This is because this type of training not just meets the needs of the owner and the dog, but it also encourages healthy communication and strengthens the bond between pet and owner. However, it takes time to actually start seeing result so you have to be patient. In order to successfully implement this type of training, you as the owner, need to be very observant about your dog and study its body language so that you know exactly how to motivate the dog.

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