Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment New York CityAging, genetics and weight gain are factors that can cause cellulite to build up. It is mostly women who are affected. Lumpy fat deposits build up in the thighs and buttocks, and do not respond to diet, exercise or even much-touted treatments such as creams or lotions. What is required is a specific cellulite treatment to address this specific issue that is not just a fat problem, but caused by structural problems below the skin. And the solution to treat cellulite is here at last! Cynosure's Cellulaze, now FDA-approved, is the only treatment that fights cellulite by addressing these structural issues beneath the skin.

Cellulaze Treatment Addresses the Root of the Problem

There are three structural problems linked to cellulite:

  • Thin skin
  • Pockets of fat
  • Connective tissue bands

Cellulite builds up when the connective tissue bands under the skin stiffen and make fat cells they surround expand and push up into the skin resulting in a "cottage cheese" effect or lumpy pockets of fat. With thin skin, the problem is easily visible.

The world's first one time treatment for cellulite, Cellulaze tackles the problem by addressing the root cause. It is the only clinically proven treatment that attacks these under-the-skin structural problems to improve your skin's thickness and give it a smoother, healthier look that lasts.

Safe and Minimally Invasive Cellulite Removal

Just one short Cellulaze procedure can provide you with firmer, younger-looking skin. You should first locate a plastic surgery facility with expert Cellulaze physicians – surgeons who are CME accredited as well as have undergone extensive training in the procedure. Talk to your to surgeon know if you are a suitable candidate. This wide-awake procedure takes only about 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • The physician marks the area to be treated and makes tiny incisions
  • You are given a local anesthetic
  • A small cannula with the the SideLight™3D Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted through the incisions
  • The laser energy melts the lumps of fat
  • The liquefied fat is gently removed

A little bruising and swelling is normal, but you can resume normal activity within a few days after the Cellulaze cellulite removalprocedure. The results will keep getting better over the next three to twelve months.

Results You Can Expect with Cellulaze

This novel cellulite laser treatment is the result of years of research. It works to:

  • Smoothen out bumps of fat
  • Release the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin to address dimpling
  • Proven improvement of skin thickness of up to 25 per cent
  • Enhance skin elasticity by stimulating collagen growth

Adverse effects are minimal. Cynosure reports that 93% of patients surveyed said they "were satisfied or very satisfied" with the results one year after they took this treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite. So now that you know that Cellulaze does fight cellulite effectively, contact a qualified surgeon to get rid of troublesome fat and enjoy smooth, youthful-looking skin.

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Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment - Cellulaze is world's first one time treatment for cellulite. Only qualified plastic surgeons can perform this procedure.