Good day, today we shall examine the game of chess and its impact and reasons why your kids need it more than ever before. But before we go into it, let's take a look at what a chess game is.

Chess is a game that requires a considerable measure of mental aptitude and focus. It is a diversion for two individuals who attempt to embrace exceptional techniques to overcome the other player. It is an exceptionally complex game that has endless possible moves and strategies. Practically every move relies on upon the other individual's moves. The earliest chess marks were traced to the second century BC in spite of the fact that there is no proof to its correct or exact existence. There is proof of a kind of chess game being played in India in the sixth century AD; some cutting edge remnants were found in Persia.

The primary device required for playing chess is a chess board and chess pieces. The board is square with 64 parallel measured squares drawn over. The squares are of interchange color for the most part –black and white and other differentiating colors. The chess pieces are absolutely 32 in number: 16 for each player included eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one King and one Queen. Every player has one arrangement of these sixteen pieces, which are the greater part of similar shading - either dark or white. Not only for the adult, is chess game one of the most professionally recommended game for anyone of which the little kids can also have advantages from it.

Here are some effective reasons why playing game of chess is important for both kids and adult.

It helps to know correct utilization of strategies:-

Taking a closer look at the mode of playing the game, one will easily deduce that, for you to be successful at the game you need to know how best to utilize the opportunities at your disposal. And for a kid, knowledge like this will help the young mind to know how to cope with the unknown future.

It teaches instinct and innovative thinking and judgment: -

This is most important for those who have it in mind to be a jury in the future, not only for kids but for adults as well. Playing chess helps one to go into the knowledge of reasonable judgment, which means, one can become the ‘Solomon’ of the 21st century. Playing chess gives one the opportunity to the skill of right judgment making. This means in life whenever you need to select from two odds, the knowledge of chess will help in sorting things out.

Knowledge of risk calculations: -

For the kids or the grown up playing chess, you need to realize that, each step taken is at risk. That is why making moves requires a great deal of thinking and brain digging, so as not to fall into the trap of the opponent. Due to this nature playing of chess gives expensive knowledge about risk calculations that is ultimately needed in life (if great achievement is to be achieved).


Children or grown-ups who love the game of chess, and of all levels, from novices to professional players, can discover numerous informational books on the market. In a basic, straightforward organization, these books clarify diverse themes, for example, how to play, essential procedures and propelled strategies. Players can choose from these areas as per their needs. For tenderfoots, the initial two areas are useful to comprehend fundamental ideas, for example, how to use a fork, stick, or stick. The propelled strategies segment gives extra data on opening, center diversion arranging, endgame techniques, piece action, pawn structure and frail squares. There are many books available to learn chess, but John Bartholomew is highly recommended for you.

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