Chiropractic is the process of gently realigning the bones of the neck, spine, and hips.  It is a natural, noninvasive, drug-free approach to the general health of you and your family.  Here are some examples of how a chiropractor Wall NJ can help:

During Pregnancy:

As your baby grows inside you, your skeletal alignment, especially in the lower back and hips, will change.  The changes are necessary in order for you to deliver your baby but, they are also very uncomfortable and even painful, especially as the baby gets bigger toward the end of your pregnancy.  A prenatal chiropractor Monmouth County can help ensure that these changes are as comfortable as possible and, you don't have to take medication that might be harmful to your child.  Another thing you can expect through your pregnancy is that your hips will widen and that too can be painful.  A prenatal chiropractor Ocean County can help with that discomfort as well.

During Infancy and Childhood:

Colic is often a parent's worse nightmare!  An inconsolable, crying baby is a huge stress on everybody concerned!  For years out of mind, parents had no solution for a colicky baby but, now, it has been proven that a pediatric chiropractor Wall Township can perform colic treatments Ocean County that are more effective for soothing colic than any other treatment!

Even after you have survived the trials of a colicky baby, you might find yourself dealing with a child who suffers from ADHD or Autism.  For years, parents have had to manage these conditions with drugs and behavior management but, in recent years, we have seen remarkable breakthroughs in natural ADHD treatments Monmouth County through chiropractic adjustments!

A pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County can help with more minor concerns as well – a bad knock on the head that causes some misalignment in the neck, a roller skating fall that knocks a hip out of place a bit, and any number of other childhood injuries.

General Adult Health:

A chiropractor Wall NJ can treat adults for anything as minor as headaches and other chronic pain to more serious conditions such as sciatica Monmouth County, scoliosis, and reversed curve of the neck.  Conditions like these are almost always caused by some sort of misalignment in the spine so the adjustments your chiropractor Wall NJ can do for you are a drug-free, non-invasive way to eliminate the pain.

The fact is, your chiropractor Wall NJ is your ticket to less pain, more mobility, and overall better health and a more peaceful state of mind.  Chiropractic care can even help you sleep better and improve your immune function so help you stay healthy.

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