Mobile app development service is the most fascinating career of the time. There is no surprise in knowing this that two-thirds of the world’s population has access to mobile phones. Mobiles have simplified our lives and have also provided us with ease in doing business. From educational institutes to hospitals to a grocery store, everyone desires to own a mobile app that can represent their businesses well.

What is The Scope of Career in Mobile App Development?

As per the statistics released by, the revenue in mobile apps was only 69.7 billion USD. This is supposed to increase by almost three folds in 2020 with an expected revenue collection of 188.9 USD. This inclining statistics definitely validates the bright career growth for mobile app developers.

Demand should be equal to supply to balance the equilibrium of the market. Hence, this generates the need for more and more mobile app developers. If you are seeking out your career in mobile app development then definitely you have a bright future. But, there are some deliberations that are very important for you to take before that.

You might search, ‘how to become a mobile app developer’? But, are you aware of the things that could lead your way for a bright career in the field. Everyone can develop an app but the functionality is dependent on the right tech stack selected for the same. If you want to become a recognizable mobile app developer then this article is worth reading. Before you get into things, it is better to get an idea of what mobile app development and tech stack for a mobile app is all about.

What is Technology Stack?

Mobile app technology stack is the incorporation of Frontend, Backend, Development Platform, and additional requirements. Only a set of robust technology will ensure the proper working of your app and would bring success to business as well.

Factors that Affect the Choice of Tech Stack for Mobile App

Whether you are a would-be developer or want to brush up on your development knowledge, it is necessary for you to understand the tech stack. Here are the factors that affect the choice of tech stack for mobile applications.

App Considerations

There are ‘n’ numbers of app considerations. For which device the app is developed, the network condition it will run in, the user experience you are aiming to experience and the estimated go to market time are few amongst the important contemplations.

The goal of the Mobile App

What you are targeting with a mobile app, it should be clear before you decide on the tech stack for mobile development. There is a big difference in technology stack between a high latency app and a low latency app; so you need to decide beforehand about app goal.

Developer Skill Set

Mobile app development services is a team effort. Until and unless the development team is comfortable and well-versed with the technology stack, they cannot deliver you a good result. If you introduce a tech stack that is very new for your development team then there are chances of it taking a longer time than usual. Plus, it can also increase the cost of mobile app development.

Parent Company of Technology

If you are choosing tech stack from reliable companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe then chances are that you will get good community support and better documentation. On the other hand, choosing a newbie would not guarantee you that.

Multiple Platform Operation

Though while creating an app, the development team work on the platform on which it will be deployed but aiming for multiple platform operation is another important consideration. The level of scalability that developer introduces in the mobile app for making it portable for other platforms, e.g. in case of Hybrid App or Cross-Platform App Development, would call for a different toolset than one that would go into the development of a Native app.

Security Level

The success of an app is the developer’s success. Any app with vulnerabilities can become the soft target of hackers. Security concern arises when the tech stack is not properly documented or the one that needs writing long codes.

Compatibility with Existing Technology

Right functioning technology is always required when you are setting up the framework of tech stack. If you are introducing a tech stack after the development of the app, it is much more necessary to check if it is compatible with the technologies that exist in the present time.

Why It Is Necessary to Understand Tech Stack for Mobile App Development

App Stability: If you are looking for an app that would meet up with your business needs for a longer period of time then it is necessary to choose the right tech stack that functions well as per the requirement.

Bug-Free App: When the best tech stack is used in mobile app development then there are less of no chances of bugs.

Solves All Types of App Purposes: If you want to create three different types of app for a business platform then it is only possible with the right tech stack. The best example of this is Ola. There are different apps for commuters and drivers.

Ola App for Commuters

Ola App for Drivers

Satisfied User Base: An app that solves the purposes of user tends to become popular easily. Choosing the right tech stack will ensure that you will reach the goal easily.

The Bottom Line

It is very clear that the future of mobile app is completely dependent on the tech stack. It is the powerhouse of a mobile app. Virtuous mobile app development services always ensure that the right tech stack is used in app development and deployment. Definitely, the greater part of responsibilities is on the mobile app developer. If you are looking forward to having your mobile app then there are many that provide 30-minute free consultation too. According to the needs of business, you can contact a reliable developer.

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