With adequate teaching materials and pedagogical knowledge, educators can solve queries & doubts of students productively & repeatedly explain tougher concepts. Teachers' solid understanding of the subject matter has a strong impact on their personal pedagogical content knowledge.

But what about students? If the learning material is lucid and lessons are well-planned & delivered it motivates learners by stimulating their inquisitiveness; and developing subject and language proficiency at the same time, along with cultural awareness, analytical thinking, and creative skills. It engages them in classroom activities & boosts their academic performance in-class tests, assignments & exams.

Even in this digital evolution, most teachers and instructors still lay strong emphasis on classroom material while teaching language & social science. It consists of facts, ideas, principles, evidence, theories, and explanations of processes or procedures. They spend a lot of time discussing the curriculum and what content or material should be included in it, what needs to be covered in a course or a program, which will be the textbooks that will be sources of information so on. They provide tutorials, topic notes, lectures, face-to-face discussions, and much more.

Learning materials are comprehensive when the content is balanced with skill development and teachers must ask a few questions while designing the curriculum. It includes ‘What content will increase the value to the overall objectives of a course or program? What materials will be appropriate for the students in the classroom, but could be avoided if necessary?’ A classroom material development course is the best option available for teaching aspirants & professionals when it comes to planning & delivering content precisely in a particular subject. The course will provide them insights to plan lessons from reliable sources, how to design the curriculum, what should be covered in it and so on which will help them dig deep & excel in the task of teaching.

On the other hand, if the lectures & learning materials are engaging, students can no way turn away their attention from it & stay focused when teachers impart the lectures. They will no more stare at the blackboard or keep their eyes glued to the books or find learning boring. This in turn will lead to achievement, success & progress in academics.

Experts opine that compact classroom materials encourage active learning, which boosts student's ability to analyze, synthesize and apply the material. It will help in the growth of their logical reasoning and creative thinking because the instructors are letting them have a more active role in learning.

A gap between the things that teachers teach or instruct to their students and the things that students want to know from them can never augur well. However, good classroom content & material can bridge the gap. Interesting learning activities that arouse active learning are effective and considered the best method teachers utilize to present a long-term understanding that stays forever with the students and ensures lifelong academic excellence.

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