Gone are the days when teachers delivered study materials or course content through long boring lectures or students taking down notes in their exercise books. New ways and methods of delivering classroom materials are developed which gives students a better understanding of lessons and stimulates their learning experience. Technology with online resources and eLearning has taken over for passing on precise information. In this article, we shall discuss the modern methods, resources & mediums of delivering instructional content.


It disseminates knowledge to the learners and aids in the instruction process by helping them navigate through a series of scaffolded learning activities curated to fulfill stipulated learning goals, constructed to acquire particular concepts or skills, and organized sequentially to incorporate theoretical content in multimedia form, demonstration, and practice and testing. Feedback on learner progress is a vital element of a tutorial. Opting for a classroom material development Course will help teachers become acquainted with tutorials & other methods of classroom material delivery.


It incorporates activities or curriculum strategies curated to facilitate students to acquire skills and knowledge in a specific topic or subject. Assignments permits teachers to gather tasks from students, evaluate it and provide feedback.

In modern classroom, assignments to teach students come in various forms like brochures, case analysis, visual aids, charts, graphs. The main objective to use assignments in studies is that they go beyond basic textbook ideas and keep student boredom at bay. It motivates the application of references and boosts reflective thinking. Special instructions, tips, and suggestions are provided by the instructors to guide the pupils and clarify all the concepts.


Teaching materials are presented in text and multimedia form in presentation. It uses present curriculum and concepts to learners to make the theories clear & easy to understand and also gives them the opportunity to study at their own pace. Computer-aided classroom materials mainly come in the form of visuals, HD video, and multimedia content to enrich learner experience. In this digital age, presentations hold great significance in classroom material delivery and demonstrates how technologies have made learning more interesting and fun for the pupils.


Here content and instructional materials are delivered through Visual concepts, models, and/or processes used for enhancing the skills or knowledge of learners in classroom. It can incorporate diagrams, illustrations, graphics or info graphics in any file version including Photoshop, Illustrator and other similar file types.

Open textbook

Gone are the days of conventional printed textbooks where students kept their eyes glued to them. Teachers are frequently using eBook or digital textbook for references and supplementing the learning of students at no extra cost. With students worldwide becoming more tech-savvy, online textbooks have gained immense popularity in recent times. The fact that they can be accessed easily makes them more sought-after. To know more about the role of eBooks & its functions in education, go for a classroom material development course.

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